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You know, having out takes from the making of the film where the dogs are running around licking people, and people are just gonna fluffing their lines and coming up with alternative funny lines, none of which I really any funny or less. Funny than what's in the film. And why do understand about Dante's is who it's for. It's kind of has this sort of tune of is a twelve certificate by the BB f c, some is moderate sex references and drug references in it. So it's obviously aimed at nutritionally teen to adult audience, but only kind it behave like five year olds on the entire thing is short with this kind of intensely kind of dentists cheer lighting, bright every it just looks like kind of a living Posta for an ISO or for life insurance or something that it doesn't look like a film. It's just people with big smiles, kind of strutting around in this endless sunshine, walking dogs, having these kind of trifling conflicts with each other, which are then resolved at the end of the two hours. I just don't understand who's supposed to watch this. It's not a terrible film, but it's just kind of anything. Well, this has been something else production for BBC. Radio, five, live enroll. You'll movie of the week is the domestics. Thank you for listening Roby. We'll be back next week with remission on the nothing in the presenter's chair and special guests. Emma Thompson. So the group you see if the podcast former is yeah, really dig into big issues that you do have time to tackle a will you're only on. So let's no really setup. The plot of dog days in in extreme detail, shall we? Yes, please. Yeah. Okay. So this is the main plot that I could mentioned as you've needed to Oprah playmates breakfast, TV present, who gets a new quarry that sounded like, don't breath Dobrev. Thank you is I mean, maybe you know this fin wolf heart. He's also missed. Maybe they just copy with doggy connection is in the name. I don't know tune bound adults where bells he hasn't? Yeah, Saint pundits. Right. Perfect. Randy in Bellevue, this is the this is the kind of felons Sebastian through that was on a bell. Well, yet ballons about canes. Okay. So they have this love. Hey, on every ship on because they have to walk their dogs together because apparently this is if you don't, you bump into people, other people does all the time the the dogs that kind of, you know, smooth over the cracks and allow them to have a flourishing professional relationship on also, perhaps a little more and here's a clip of that magic chemistry and action. Me and brandy spot and that right group. Wow. So many kids out having kids mo- family asked me all the time with the hold of this. What is the hold of what's wrong with you? What's wrong with me, do nothing. Nothing is wrong with me. Seven cheating ex ex-boyfriends. Sorry. Thank you. But seriously what's wrong with you. Already. Playing ball. You know how it is. I think I'll give it another. Try. Hard to compete with the lady like brandy. This is still just a dog that right? Yes, still just dog that still just a dog date you see, this is. I mean, that's just like how we talk when we take the ferret site last week is kind of amazing sort of personal chemistry. That leads to own magic. That's and that's just one threat of this. You have this other thing where even longoria enrolled cordray play this couple of a young girl, she befriends a street which in turn was, has been lost. Its owner played by Ron says Jones who is looking for the dog with his pizza delivery. Boy, for some reason, he's played by goof hearts. Then you also have this Leib guy called on palliative adults. His sister's dog because she's something twinges no time to care for it. That's the thing that forces him to step up and recognize that life is better with responsibilities. Now, all of these stories, I mean, this film is an iron fifty minutes long is not. It's an hour and twenty minutes too long. It's no pay any stretch short, right? But because hunting. So any store. These x. grinds through them. And then by the end, the barely moves an inch. I mean, the sue little has to happen in this film for its gets as an just labor leaders and labor is the problem is if.

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