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Warriors rob kobe still so much from us. I'm not okay with this. And i've never been less okay with anything but okay. Let's switch topics. I want to get low. Take on this right so that everyone see that whole the whole thing this week about the j.j. Abrams tunnel hussy coats superman. Yes we are getting a black superman no should be. It's not it's just going to be a blackhawk. Kent and i don't know why they're you know the mexican version or someone on there. Like why are you. Bolic's student. Superman just to icon from ouston thousand such a contest on there saying do something about bringing it back in some form soon. The actual the state is last mirrors about certain things separate midnight or they have clearance a lot of stuff. Is leon meet if nothing else do vows on. I mean president superman come on. I mean that costs you that that cost you look good on on milestone returns. It's official. i'm saying maybe not already got static icon. Was there someone else you're looking for. Maybe it's just comics and sure it is got good black. Put no little the. Maybe they don't have movie. Rates are fighting with this debate about things but But i mean okay. What it is is it becomes a different story. And that's that's sort of the problem with it. Let them again it's warriors. Who hopefully they let him shoot right. Not i mean sure but it but you know it become. I what they're doing. It's like they want to set in the nineteen hundreds which is a little weird because awesome. Okay that's i mean they could commit any time in american history especially on you can do it in the nineteen nine hundred and then present as like thirty years old you know however you wanna do it. It's it's it's give them. As far as other people are happy to see what indicators part of like the regular universe you know the regular universe that movie universe. So it's like why don't you just do it and you can have alongside well being another numbers because that's another universe. Howdy how everything's the multi verse now. Maybe just going to be. The joker universe was. That's getting a sequel. They say so who wants to come back. Bill with horner's borders is going through right now. yeah directors. Don't want to deal with it. So i can see that. Honestly you know see vows and get the you know. I get the prompt. Well actually no. Because you saw the superman icon. Iconography could have the superman movie and have it be bells on or have it. Be you know joe zahed for all anyone cares. You could actually create your own story. I want to see the one where superman is just a green bagel. And that's just the natural form crypto bagel who comes to earth agreeing bagel. You say when when they got marlon brando. He didn't actually shown on camera so he said well he actually said green bego. Maybe extra just be a briefcase or green bagel. look like and isn't well clark. Looks you in so obviously Didn't wanna learn projector. The whole time secretly deadpool. Anyway but yeah i mean i not the most impressed by j.j. Abrams work elsie. Were people of color you know. Very bad his. That's why. I think that that's the thing that's why they asked haunts coats. Can you can you oversee this guy. Okay i mean that's the thing to me is like oh how's he coaches reitman. Okay i can see that script in how somebody directed who exactly. That's the that's the other abrams. Good a producer. Let's just be all we'll hopefully. Mr coach will be standing next to him. Be like what. I read really do it though especially and you know it's it's just it's warners. Maybe but he may be making animated. Maybe not maybe make make alive antonin. That's too much pressure. Sometimes that's more expensive nowadays to though that's the only downside you know animation because we don't want to be good animation. So are they making this clark hence still are they afraid little. Pull the trigger. And make someone other than clark kent. They've ruined clark canceled. I don't see why they either though these. Up towel vitriol fight me. Oh the purposely that they they announced this this week i guess on head near cavaliers birthday the ones that the contract you know henry campbell at all. I'll say it was wonderful so don't be a petty is just make speaking not wanna work with them. Yeah well i mean. That's the true. Is that here. Nobody wants to work with people. Were clean lake. Surprised any kind of actors of of like you know famous actors. You know because like you really want to your name like rangel. Both neither other relief in the last two quarters is thomas jerry. We know we're in trouble. Combat effort rather than mortal kombat wonder woman eighty four godzilla. Con- rather do that. No wonder woman eighty four. I like i like i like that. So that was good. That was delivered to circum- i felt that they really gave both of the combatants do showed their strengths and weaknesses and result very well. I really felt that you walked away from that. Feeling satisfied about the monster fights and i hope that's what you're getting with heaven. Watch mortal kombat yet. You know it's one of the video game that you have to keep bor that we've been through video game movies. Evil was the best one that was like can.

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