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Way Bill calmly Eric resear- back with you our best Buckeye coverage post game show following the spring game. How about drew Crispin by the way out about that the Buckeye punter down on a knee at halftime as because he's the holder as though you was going to let his girlfriend kick a field goal. But then on any pull out a box with a ring on it. And they got themselves in gay. That's something you don't rehearse. So he'd better had a good idea. Just to say, yes, that would have been terribly embarrassing. Maybe the MVP of the spring game with that very good. And you're you're right. I mean with sixty five seventy thousand people there that'd be kind of bad if she said, no she the in running out of the opening of the stadium. I would not have been a good exactly the gray team won the game thirty five to seventeen couple of other staffs in their master Teague who we just had. A question about seven Kerry seventy five yards. A couple of touchdowns running the football. Marcus Crowley, who you mentioned the young freshman. Ten carries for fifty yards and the touchdown. Justin fields. Eight carries for fifty two yards and a touchdown fields. Just four of thirteen passing. But a hundred and thirty one yards in that ninety eight yard touchdown. Ben Victor, another guy who played pretty well. Was Jalen Gill kid out of Westerville south seven catches. He was leading receiver in terms of catches seven catches for ninety five yards. And I will say this. You know, we were just talking about Bill can you tell stuff from the spring game? And you said really it's the fourteen practices before this one isn't valued any more or less, but Brian heartline did say during camp he was asked about most improved receiver and somebody that's coming on. Jalen kills a kid that he mentioned, so he seems to be working his way into legitimate playing time potentially. Also, a big thing to break in a lot of times on special teams and those guys when they prove they get the job done covering kicks and covering punts and things like that. Then you get chance to play your position in the spring game and do well, that's that's important coaches. Really look for that. Dave on Twitter says how come we didn't see Jordan fuller out Jordan, fuller out? There fuller was has been injured. And there were a lot of guys that you. Did morlin. You didn't see? Yeah. And coach Dave mentioned it some guys didn't get many reps at all because they barely played. Yeah. You want keep at that stallion healthy. I tell you what he's a good one. That's the other thing when you try to evaluate off of this game. Like there was an offensive explosion in the second quarter, which was cool and the fans guy knew it, Eric. But I mean, let's be fair. I mean the ninety eight yard touchdown pass came against the third team friends. So it was great. And it was it was a good throw, and it was on target and Ben Victor made the catch. But you typically you're not I don't know how much you can take out of that looking forward to the fall because of who the competition. Yeah. I don't think other than it was a nice moment for the fans. There's just nothing there. Because that kind of I mean, look it was a great throw a great catch, obviously. But yeah. And I think it goes to my earlier point of where he was just trying to get them comfortable. And then in the second quarter. Like we saw he's letting them aired out more because hey, all right. So we got this kind of out of the way. We you got a couple of handoffs zone read action. But throw the ball downfield a couple times give the fans a little something show this arm talent because all three all all three or four of the guys have armed talent. And so you saw that on display, and that's great. But yeah, nothing is there anything to Bill with a young guy like Jalen hill who red-shirted last year really talented player of. Okay. Let's see how he does in front of an audience. Does. I mean, you can count on one hand the number of schools are going to have sixty five seventy thousand you know, years before they had over one hundred thousand at a spring football game. Is that an advantage in terms of does that add to any evaluation tool that maybe a Purdue can't have where they got, you know, eight thousand people there absolutely is a stage. It's not a stage like game day. But it's the second best. And show that in front of your your teammates to you know, that shows them they have confidence in you. When you make plays like that. And you know, there's some guys some young freshman kid on a defecit. I thought looked exceptional day. I saw ninety seven. No, no. Yeah. True freshman, so you know, you bake a couple place early in your career in front of a crowd in Ohio State. It really gets somebody's attention. You know, we haven't really talked much about the defense. But how much of I mean, take me through the spring. You've got a completely new defensive coaching staff. Save Larry Johnson. I mean, he's the only one that's new how how long does it take? We're talking about player new players meshing together. How long does it take? Greg Maddison Jeff half the code offensive coordinators at Washington all the new defensive pieces from a coaching staff standpoint. How long does it take for them to get a rhythm so to speak and learn how to work together? Well, that's funny. You mentioned that because one of the three that's one of the three things I thought was most important today to get the staff working together. See we have to make a decision what you get into the season. But guys on the sideline what guys are going to be up in a box. And what's the communication going? Be who's going to be communicating with you? And I this really important. Now, the fortunate thing is these guys all been around the block, but they had to work together. And get those things done is very important. I thought today was a big step for those guys. One thing Ryan day also said Eric was that from an offensive standpoint in the fall, he's going to be a play caller. But today and when they scrimmaged in the spring he had Kevin Wilson. Also Mike usage the new passing game coordinator calling plays. He said, I just want us. Everybody to have that experience. Kevin wilson. I mean, he's got plenty of that experience. But you know, there's a lot for the coaches to evaluate in terms of value in themselves tonight feel like that's what I mean. And Bill correct me if I'm wrong is what day served primarily as today was he's the evaluator of everything more so than a play caller more. So than a scheme guy was how does so. And so look in this this situation. How are these coaches communicating? With their position coaches with their assistance. How are we getting calls at the correct time? He was even talking at halftime like I know it's a running clock. But I'll stop it. If I want to and that's his job is to manage all of that. Because when you get into the season, and I I know I called it a cheese board slate that the first part of the year, but FAU's a real opponent and lane kiffin going to want to beat Ohio State. And so at that time he serves as the head coach this is the chance he gets to just figure out everything got a better sent in the horseshoe. Yeah. I think he's in everything I think you take he he said during the season earning spring. He says, you know, we got great dish near we're not changing things that the believe me there's a day way. And he's going to want to do it the day way. And part of that is evaluating all that. You said something interesting how the players respond to the coaches to you take Brian hotline. Here's a guy that has law respect the players guys have been there. Playing in the league. And you could tell the players really respect him. And Brian is not going to be a guy. Probably just going to make me suggestions on place to run because he's still new at the college game is a coach. But he's a guy that can serve a major role of getting what the players when they come off the field and things like that. So ride days violating all that. And when you can't do that when you're just strictly an office coordinator, because you're you know, you're playing why Nick series and things like that. So he's got to get a lot done. Now. You wonder what he said to Garrett Wilson after that? Touchdown grab. He coaching going on there. More of them. I was just going to say, yeah. Keep doing that. Because that was never I'll tell you. I said whoever whatever team came in second on him recruiting lies. He said, ma'am. Glad you bitches your you didn't go to wherever. Yeah. That from a like play standpoint that might have been like for me, the most eye-popping play of what we saw that showed athleticism coverage wasn't that wasn't bad. It was seven banks was on the coverage. Who's the guy you're probably going to see in the fall? He's not I rang but nickle package and stuff you're going to see him. So it was a legitimate good player that had good coverage. And he just went up and made a where you can start establishing that trust between fields and gear Wilson where you know as a quarterback if I'm putting the ball there. I know my guys going to go up over everybody and get that. And it's it's not impossible to do it a place like the what he has athlete center or inside there big old dome. But to do outside at the horseshoe on a Saturday afternoon. The as close to replicating alive fire game situation as you can was today and play like that really helps you moving forward. You mentioned live fire game Steve on Twitter as a question about that which we will get to we got to go against a go to a break. We do have a phone lines open. If you would like to call maybe you're getting back to the car after watching the spring.

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