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I think what we're seeing and I wrote about this just now is just we need to embrace this offense in what it is is that it's a run Centric offense and I think what we were seeing at a Josh McDaniels in particular he deserves a lot of credit for scheming it up in the running game. We've talked a lot about the last couple of weeks defense is playing eight guys in the box with low safeties and kind of King on that run game. So what did McDaniels do this week? You realize that they needed to come up with ways to even the numbers back up. And so he used option runs to use the Wildcat formation a couple of times. He was able to get situations where the page we're seeing an eight-man box. But because of cams legs they were able to even up the numbers with him it being a focal point of the running game. So they also what I thought was really smart as they watched the tape of that Buffalo game and off Joey Bosa just absolutely dominate the game three sacks, right quarterback pressures and get three tackles-for-loss in the Run game on top of all that forced a fumble. So they made him the read defender on all those awful plays. So he's just sitting there trying to read out Cam Newton and instead of getting up the field and blowing them off the ball. He was kind of left in no man's land trying to defend the option place. So really smart kind of wrinkles nearby McDaniels to put both in Conflict throughout the entire game. And then the last one that I kind of went over in that post was the RPO package with the two running backs, which was just really awesome job. Sony Michelle and Damien Harris on the field at the same time and the Patriots are running rpos RPO bubble screens mostly where they have a trap run on the inside and then a bubble screen on the outside and I was just reading that overhang Defender to the weak side of the formation and he's able to kind of decipher. Should I hand it off or throw it out there? They haven't thrown it out there that the screen yet. I'm waiting for them to get that looked to be able to do that. But I just think it's really cool to see how McDaniels is saying. Okay. This is what we are right. We're not going to be this prolific downfield passing attack, especially with the way the cams throwing the ball right now. So I need to scheme it up. I need to figure out ways to make sure that this running game can still go and that's exactly what they were able to do.

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