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Move on with my life. But make no mistakes. I will always continue to fight for the Justice equality and betterment of marginalized people everywhere it's still unclear what prompted Cook County prosecutors to drop the charges related to filing a false police report Purdue pharma, the maker of Oxycontin now implicated in the nation's deadly opioid crisis has reached a settlement with the state of Oklahoma. The settlement is reported to total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The settlement comes just months before the state was due to go to trial against Purdue pharma and other drug companies for their alleged roles in the national epidemic. The centers for disease control and prevention has reported that opioids such as Oxycontin were factors in a record. Forty eight thousand deaths across the US in two thousand seventeen. Aides to speaker house speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump have begun early talks on possible legislation to lower the price of prescription drugs. Here's NPR's Susan Davis. A spokesman for speaker Pelosi confirmed to NPR that staff level talks are happening. But cautioned that it's early and there are no formal negotiations underway right now lowering prescription drug costs is one priority that the president and Democrats share and one possible area of compromise in divided government in his state of the union address. President Trump promised legislation to reduce what he called unfair costs. Pelosi spokesman said House Democrats also promised voters that they would lower drug prices, and quote, that's what we're going to do. Susan davis. NPR news, Washington. Meanwhile, the Trump administration says in a court filing that it wants to see the Affordable Care Act. Struck down in its entirety. NPR's? Alison kodjak reports that if that law is fully overturned, it would reverberate throughout the healthcare system. The Justice department says it agrees with a sweeping ruling by federal judge in Texas that strikes down the healthcare law also known as ObamaCare, it's a change from the Trump administration's earlier stance, then only some parts of the law, including the requirement that insurance companies cover people with preexisting medical conditions are unconstitutional. If the lot is invalidated the consequences would be felt across the healthcare system and beyond about twenty million people have insurance because of the ACA, but the law also provide more than just insurance..

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