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Police sergeant found to have an justifiable shot an unarmed autistic teen and twenty seventeen this billion office a police accountability made the recommendation despite concluding sergeant Khalil Muhammad acted in an quote, objectively unreasonable fashion. Muhammed denies any wrongdoing. The Democratic National Committee has selected Milwaukee to host the twenty twenty national convention party. Chair Tom Perez pick Milwaukee over Houston or Miami. It's the first time in over a century. The Democrats will be in the midwest city other than Chicago to nominate their presidential candidate of fixture. Kaga? Police officer has committed suicide since last summer area south detective, Eric conscio- was found dead Sunday from a self inflicted gunshot. Wound is near west side home. He was found by another officer. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin panic. You came it'll feel like playoff hockey at the madhouse tonight. The Blackhawks seven points out of the wild card the coyotes just one point out on meet on the west side. Corey Crawford set to start in that pre game coming up with Chris Boden at seven John and Troy have the call at seven thirty. It's time for making a different sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future. Alex debrincat continues to have a great season. He has sixty five career goals now after notching one on Saturday as eight goals in his last ten games. He's second only behind Patrick Kane. Team scoring a pair of shoes for the bears today as the free agency negotiating window begin. Gins first they agreed on a deal with running back, Mike Davis. He rushed for just over five hundred yards last season with the Seahawks. They've also agreed on a contract with defensive back busters screen. He played for the jets. Last season is probably means price Callahan's days in Chicago are over around the NFL quarterback Nick foles headed to the Jaguars on a four year deal. Landon Collins de safety a six year contract with Washington and safety Tyron Matthew heading to the chiefs in baseball. White Sox falling the brewers eight five and cactus league..

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