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Was Matt Cooper and you're listening to the display performance podcast. Today's episode is brought to you by our longtime sponsor simply faster. There are a lot of sports technology companies out there but simply faster is the only website. You can go to features and online store that covers the bandwidth of training technology from force plates, timing systems to muscle simulators and more some products of simply faster that. I. Use and love include things like the free lab timing system in K. box or coaches favorites such as. Recently simply faster has had a two unit says a coach. You should definitely take a look at the first is the muscle lab contact grid, which is an extremely affordable and portable step-by-step literally system to collect data on mount sprints, agility hurdle hops, and really as much as your creative mind can imagine in what used to take a whole runway worth of collecting data collecting strips. The contact group does it with two small strips that together cover up to forty meters of eating Kaoh contact time separates rhythms, and beyond are at your fingertips with this device. Another new unit Daviau to master is an ultra portable gas exchange analyzer. Don't guess on Energy System Development when you can get direct insight into video to capabilities in relation to specific sports skills rather than being hooked up to tubes on a treadmill or worse yet a cycle or commodore to get to Max. Think of the video to master as your own gas exchange lab without the tubes and wires deepen your analysis in the specific condition preparation of your athletes with vio to master today. These products incredible customer service make simply faster. Your Go-to for your sports technology needs I'm happy to have partnered with them in sponsoring this podcast, their support has been tremendous. So check them out today at simply faster dot com that simply with an eye faster dot com. Welcome to another episode..

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