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Percent. That's what I get the less. This is my day colors real. Right. Like other researchers have attributed Gulf war syndrome specifically to the anthrax vaccine. Given the truth. In addition, a certain cluster of vaccines have been leaked to type one diabetes, the h. one and one that scene has been made to miscarriages and still Burs according to this report, the h one n one shot resulted in sixty times the rate of mid carriage associated with the seasonal flu best thing. And I just wanna take a side note right here because I'm gonna come and talk about more one day about the new world order. One of their main goals. One of their main directors, one of the main things that they're trying to accomplish in a reduction or elimination of ninety five. Percent of the world populations. Oh, yeah, it was. Who is your computer Bill Gates? You don't get. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's fun. Done weasel. Talk about that but later. No, I'll go much information that said it'd be coming on up and so if I don't show my regular scheduled time, but if you do. And you. No, but just pray because I'm not gonna suck speaking up and I'm not gonna stop bringing information because the people we need to be prepared. Amen. And so sure that. Though, but h one n one was also late to a spike in narcolepsy in children according to the study there with their form under percent increase in the incidence of arc Alexi in those hundred twenty years of age who received swines loop that the. Okay. All right. That makes it makes sense. One of the reasons why stop driving is because I would get in the car, I would go sleep. Okay. I have music on when even be sleepy, you know, windows over as I just and I would wake up and drive down the free web and they love the Colbert stuff where. And luckily I didn't constantly crashes than I didn't die, but it was awful. I would get disoriented confused. They have to over and have someone come and get. You couldn't even tell where I was at. Can you come get me where you at all three way on the right? You can't. Really devil time, but you know, I'll be getting to see how things are. In inserted into our medication. So going on in light of considerable scientific evidence that that seems cause Il. This one must ask what this piece of legislate legislation hopes to attain. Right? The Neva Stewart forced mandate are nothing more than a medical tyrany. That scene in most cases do not sure or protective, but could make some of sitter and definitely create a huge and continuing revenue stream for big pharma, which is all what the very about food and Drug administration about. So there are no studies concerning the effects that these numbers that same on its own equally. There are no studies concerning the Palmy pharmacy that of combining these things. Now they want to load all of them in one shot, and you really don't know what's in that to make show you. This is the flu shot, but you don't know what they're everything within rare, and there's no answers. No. And. Or either anytime I 'cause I watch these span and anytime some of the government people got said those recommended and they asked that they take it in a lot of will my family not happy, but you know, they're trying to tell you take something they don't wanna take, and that's all see fan. So the folks in the government don't want it, why would I wanna take it? But don't even ask me one day they question about, why would I did? Okay, I will the immune system the father. We're fearfully wonderfully. They locate and God designed the bodies, and it's really simple people. When you give the body nutrients that it needs to buddy kills is still and it will reject everything that doesn't spend. It does do that. And that's why a lot of things and attitudes and whatever that their input he's in the mood when we put it in our blonde when just and the blind. Nowhere to do with it. Turns it into trance, fatty acids which sit there in dirt and become places that cancer and diabetes and any other businesses can can Vashon to overcome grow until you. So just saying. Where was given the increasing scrutiny of civil rights abuses in the US, coupled with estimating concerns about what appears to be cold or. Yes, I said it covert you as biological weapons activity and they number of different venues. One might expect that Senate Bill to a three will result in upsurge of protests. Then Ren's have already served their country to re them as lab. Rats diminishes both concepts of Riina and democracy, and also those who have served to protect the ideal Senate Bill twelve all three was authorized by US Senator dean Heller Republicans from Nevada it past US, Senate on November tenth twenty fifteen, and now go to the health of representatives for consideration. When people when for your lives. But you know. Vote, get vocal call right letters to your senators and you have a right to ask questions, who were they voted for? What are you going for? One. Okay.

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