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So we have sauced on sauce ribs because I have a preference for sauced ribs and Winston does not not not into it after once. It's on a plate shirt while it's no, I don't need it on two different sauces because Winston did not. Like I literally tried, it was like, so what did you like putting this? What this way? What did what did he do? Citrus. Good. I love you. Don't like vinegar base by recant like vinegar because I don't like this Pacific vinegar. Store bought apple. Where we're at. Enjoy this starting to see my. The only time. Former best friend right. Well, that is like the action boys podcasts is done that me and like Ben Rogers, we spend and Ryan Sanger Ben Rogers, and I were best friends forever. And now we spent like three hours a week talking about movies where it's like, I don't even wanna see. Said, we're best. Now we're more now. We're just collaborated. We have sauced on sauced ribs in that we brought a good amount of work. Yeah. Also you guys were kings and Wyan which is like a dream. Something I supp- I love. I love classics wonder bread, but I'm are white bread. Even shadier the wonder. I'm a real believer in the white bread barbecue, but I went, let's just, let's let's let's wing it today. Kings and wine literate. When I like this, talk about like the five things I cook bacon. Burger blend recipe.

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