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Kind of like a couple of things and I feel really good right now. I can't wait to get started plans. Okay Can you kind of maybe explain a little bit for us? non professional baseball players in terms. We might understand what kind of changes that they made to you. They told us that they were going to work. On your swing a little bit Just back past stuff had a little wild swinging sometimes get keep me off balance a little bit on the. Tomlin's a little off but I'm basically just making one motion now. We talked a little bit about your your start last year and you got to meet Willie mays and everyone had a big deal about the fact that you know Willie himself had a rough start to his big league career. He actually called his dad. Said I want to come home. I know you didn't call your parents to say you wanted to come home but did anything really tell you actually kind of stick in your head. He said just go out there and have fun and play. He said you got here. So do what you did to get here. So I mean helped out a lot and Kana took a lot of pressure off me for sure. Okay and September twenty fifth that. That date must mean something. You definitely does for sure. I'll never forget it. Okay you you actually got an infield hit if I recall correctly in the game and then you came up in a tie game and was it the ninth or tenth inning against a DJ Johnson of the rockies and take us through that at I've missed a couple fastballs early in that bad. And everyone again founded off make their May occur ball and I took it for for ball and I was like okay Was HE GONNA. I went back with another fastball. Without off some like all right maybe that was just for show. He's going to go back. Curveball solid pop up out of his hand that no like if I put a good swing on is up in zone. I can get to it so what happened. Was you hit a walk off homer to beat the rockies The first walk off home of your bigly career ahead. You had some in the minor leagues walk-offs trying to think I don't think I had to walk off and the minor leagues now. I don't think I did What's that feeling like I imagine like some people have said that you know you do something like that especially early in her career in a big game like the playoffs. You don't even really kind of you're not really thinking you're kind of running but you don't really know what happened. And what were you thinking as you were rounding the basis When I hit it so I go up and I'm actually pretty good friends with Sam. Hillier the center fielder in Psalm Ryan back on my car come on now. I have to get out. I feel like I got it and I saw him jump and like I saw where it hit and I was like okay like a finally just like the weight lifted off of me. I don't know I mean I didn't black out through the whole thing. Surprisingly like guy kind of like a note happened though time. So it's pretty and did you. You Sam Hilliard. Our friends from where we play in the folly together two years ago. Okay Yeah did you have any conversations with him about that afterwards? Yeah I actually saw him in the rookie rookie meanings this off season. And he's talking about he's like he's like I knew it was going but I had to make it look like I was going to put on a show. Okay I remember Evan Longoria I mean he had been here for a couple of years before he had even a walk off hit and he said that that was the moment he finally felt like he was a San Francisco giant. Which at the moment. You finally felt that you were a big league ball player or did you not need that. Affirmation I felt like. I don't think I needed that. I just think I needed from like the slump that I was going through this kind of realize like hey like you still got it like just relax and do what you gotta do. This obviously going to be competition here. There's a lot of outfielders in here. You Competition I. I'm very competitive. Always been competitive. Anybody that knows me. They'll tell you that. Yeah very competitive. do anything interesting inside. Go to Aruba this off season Trying to think no not really Went to New York for New Year's. That's my girlfriend's from so we went back into this her friends but Other than that. No you didn't do the time you Times Square thing on us now. Now she was like. You don't WanNa do that. Trust me like it's not worth twelve year. Twelve fourteen hours. And you can't go to the bathroom right exactly so we kind of we're going to go do that. She's like no. I tried to down real quick. So okay well thank you Jalen. I wish you have a really good spring and can't wait to see you out there. Thank you present. The giant splash is a production of the San Francisco. Chronicle support this flash and all of the chronicles great journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership go to SF CHRONICLE DOT COM slash pod that's SF chronicle dot com slash pot..

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