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This is high heart works dot com that I hard works dot com balance of nature changing the world one life at a time for the past decade I've been dealing with very painful brown spots on my forehead and I could never take a wash rag across my forehead I didn't dare because it would have been just horribly painful and last week in my haste I had scrubbed the whole thing and there was no pain there and so I quickly went to the mayor and I realized at that moment that painful brown spots that I've been dealing with for the past decade they're gone I could barely speak I could barely do anything I was frozen in the he laid his state of mind because I've been battling this for decades and it wasn't until the following day I looked at my hands and I looked at my arms and there's very few brown spots on my hands and arms you know as a retired are in you know I know the importance of nutrition I always have I mean if you just feed people good food like they're actually stealing you from the cellular level out I am living proof of that because there's only one thing that changed in my line and that was taking balance in nature and I will forever be grateful I'll never stop taking it I'll never be without my balance in nature ever experienced a balance of nature difference for yourself from now until the end of the week balance of nature is offering thirty.

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