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To overcome impostor syndrome in your business, so that you can start to profit if you wanna be part of that, there is a link in the show notes, you can find that they're I would love to see what that masterclass. Now, let's dive into today's episode I am so excited about this conversation today, we have onto amazing women Carly's Aken, and Danielle Weisberg. They are the co founders and co CEO's of the skim. It's a membership company, dedicated to helping us live smarter lives. They started this company literally. On their couch seven years ago. And now they have over seven million daily subscribers including Oprah it all began with their daily skim Email newsletter which has expanded to an app a production studio. Any YouTube channel among other things they also have a podcast called skin from the couch, which you might have already heard because debuted at number one within just a few hours of launching, and they have a book coming out tomorrow, which is called how to skim your life. It helps you take control in areas like personal finance your career stress management and lots more, you can pre-order it today, or you can fight it on the bookshelves tomorrow. I think you'll find so many helpful nuggets in there. I love their story. I love their too nasty. So without further ado. Please, welcome the incredible Danielle Weisberg, and Carly's Aken. Hey Danielle and Carly. Thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you so much for having us. We're so excited to be here. Really looking forward to diving in finding out how you guys started the skim. So take us back and let us know sort of where this came from and, and take us through the journey of. How it got to be where it is. Now shahr. It's daniel. So we started seven years ago, while side it's surreal to think about what we had when we started. We were twenty five years old room mates. And we started the company from our living room couch. We had grown up in the news business loved getting our hands into any type of storytelling that we could and worked, our way up to be producers and absolutely loved it at the same time. We saw that our friends didn't have a new source that they trusted or that they felt really connected with them in the way that they live their lives in. This is an audience have millennial women that is leading in so many different ways and deserve to have news that fit into their routines. I'm so we saw a win the market and wanted to create a company all about this audience in making it easier to have mused fit into your day-today. Over the past seven years. We've raised funding we've grown our company in our products. We have an amazing team. Team. And we are creating a membership to living smarter. So awesome. Just the fact that you did this from your couch. I just love that in and of itself, the fact that it then became so successful, just all of those things, I know that Oprah has she said that she's one of your subscribers. Is that true? Yeah. That is probably the best Janice Carly. That was probably the best of my way. Tell us about that. It was crazy. We, we were flying to the west coast, and we landed in LA, and when you when you land you turn your phone back on, like your Email kind of takes. Yeah. Load washer. And so, I notice maintenance as being really slow and then I tried to get on Twitter and realize I had like zillion messages. And then saw that Oprah had tweeted about us, and remember, I don't Danielle and I weren't sitting like in the same row. And I kept trying to find her like Jamaica, I contact media, it was just it was crazy like, oh my gosh, it was a dream come true. It is a dream. It's amazing. That's an official stamp. Of you have arrived. Welcome you've arrived. So let's talk about being on this couch and having this idea and how you actually started to put one foot in front of the other and build this incredible community business entity all of the things we spent the first year, we really woke up every single day and had a idea of what we wanted to do, which is create a berry date, Email 'cause at the time, that's all we had a knew that it would just the two of us. We had about four thousand dollars saved, we had a great idea, and it was going to be up to us to make it into something. So we would do things like make postcards with the company's website. And with our logo, and a slogan, we would sneak into equinoxes bathrooms and leave them there. We would go into Starbucks and drop them off. We would basically just get kicked out of. Places. We spent that horse. You're trying to meet anyone that we could who had ever started something and just get advice and we did a college road trip. It's you guys at the time he could kind of pass still is college students, so we would try to stuff like these postcards under dorms than sit in the cafeteria with our skim shirts just like go up two random friends and ask if they would sign up for this new product called the dealer skin. So it was just grassroots marketing which was fancy way of saying, we did whatever we could to get people to know about our products. We printed up t shirts sent them to our friends around the country and just ask them to wear it at places in our neighborhood, and we really were able to network and to get different connections that ultimately led to us getting first round of funding a then being able. To hire a team at the same time we were doing all of this. We were writing the newsletter at all hours of the day and night, you're sleeping in shifts. So that first year is such a blur on. We've really did everything that we could to try to get people to know and sign up for this free Email. Gosh, it's so incredible because it's so unusual. I mean, this is what separates accessible people from those that aren't this much hustle. I mean you try to get people to subscribe to this newsletter and you're putting in all of this effort, and was that a free newsletter. Or did it cost money to be a subscriber? The daily est game has always been free. That was free that in it's free now. Oh my gosh. So here you are putting all of this effort to send a daily newsletter that you it was basically news. Right. It was filled with news and the two of you were creating all of it. You were right. An editing and making all of that content come to life. Yes. At the daily skimmed the premise of the daily scam is everything that you need to know to get through your day. So what is the key information that either happened yesterday is happening today in, but you need to know about tomorrow on? So the idea, you know, when we started seven years ago in still true today, is that you should be able to go to any work, or social event, and be able to talk to anybody about anything. Cool. It's really, really cool. It's like I saw written down. He said like to break breakdown important things in like an easy to today. Just read you said before your market was millennials true or not true. Yeah. That the company is all focused around on women and really thinking about what their challenges are in their day to day what they need to be informed on, what are some of the key stats around this demographic, and creating a company all around their lives. In creating information at the bay need to make the most informed decisions in there. Day-to-day. Yep. That's amazing. And so it's really so generous that you wanted to do this so much that you were working all these hours and barely sleeping and driving around to different college campuses, and doing everything you could to try to get the word out and you weren't even making money. And that wasn't even the business model right away. I just correct. Upper went on, which is that, while news always been our passion. We couldn't afford to leave her jobs for a passion project and we've always knew the business opportunity were sitting on, and while the daily skim was free, and it's still free, and that was our first signature products. We always knew our grander vision was to have diverse, I'd Rapin UN that we could create products at finish the routines of his audience on. And so we were very, very methodical and how he built the company. So while I'd love to say that we're generous, people I we were also Avary strategic from really Jayme one around how to build a big business. And how did you know that? How did you know at that? That age sitting on your couch, what would eventually be the products that you could you could eventually monetize, once you built a very engaged community, giving them something for free. I mean I would love to say, yeah, when you went all the products are going to be on me knew how the structure would work together. We didn't. We had a lot of ideas on how can evolve and a lot of ideas on what we wanted to create. But I think you know, the north star Ross has always been that it we have focused on this particular audience, an audience that has so many competing interests. For their time it, we created something that they trusted, and that they started off their mornings with than we would have this amazing gauge meant that would allow us to build other products. So I think at a time when a lot of other people went for scale, we just focused on meaning something to a very particular inside. After group of people that are hard to get in front of any if we could do that, in a big way than we would be able to monetize it in a lot of different ways. So we knew that we didn't want to be dependent on just advertising. We knew that we wanted to be able to do creative things on that meant that we would have to have openly audience that we could have subscription revenue that we could recommend digs chew. And so the decisions that we made about the future of the company, awkwardly went back to is good for audience and will they trust us? And what does this ad I love it so much. I wish I could take a highlighter or a red pen and just like under underlying everything said circle it and like draw arrows to it that is it in every time I'm asked like, what's the most important piece of building a business? I'm like, what you just said, so eloquently, if you can build engaged community of people and show up in front of their face where it's hard to get their attention. But do something that they find me. And they keep giving this and you create a community, once you have that it is gold is liquid gold and from that point. Absolutely. You're right. You're right. You've lived to see that. It's true. And you knew you knew..

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