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Began. The bureau is expected to meet next week. For final approval. Latest covert 19 numbers in Ohio 2607 new cases with 17 new deaths, bringing the confirmed case count to 193,000 plus Well, the company Clorox with a device that can detect Cove ID more from ABC News, Clorox showing off a new device it, says Khun Detective students or displaying Cove in 19 symptoms. Steve Martell of current studios explains how it works. There is a microphone in the device, and it is trained to look at the unique frequencies that are coughs and sneezes. The temperature is monitored with the thermal sensor, ABC News Medical contributor Dr Mark Abdelmalek. This attack is compelling all along. This is a race between us and the virus in any tool that we can use to give us a head start can really help. But tracking the Corona virus is often more complicated than simply watching for symptoms. People could be asymptomatic and still have cove it That means no cough, No sneeze. No runny nose, No fever. Alex Stone ABC News down the five days until the general election. The new poll of likely voters in Wisconsin from ABC News. The Washington Post shows Joe Biden with a 17 point lead in Wisconsin, 57 to 40 bite and also has an advantage in the battleground state of Michigan, 51 to 44. But President Trump on the campaign trail, insisting ABC Washington Post If X.

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