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In a statement Campbell said she was an incredible woman who's legacy will live on and police England are trying to find a restaurant theft suspect who looks a lot like actor David Schwimmer Blackpool police posted a picture of the dark haired man on Facebook on Tuesday, saying the suspect took a case of beer last month. They later said Schwimmer is not considered a suspect in the case because he was in America at the time. The friends star had a little fun with the situation. Posting a video on Twitter with the caption as you can see I was in New York. Ryan piers NBC News Radio. Take a trip back with this week's rock almanac. Rock and roll lovers at sandy west. Let's take a trip back to this week in rock and roll history. This week in nineteen seventy five Paul Simon issues his fourth solo album still crazy after all these years gone at last fifty ways to leave your lover and the title track all reached the US top forty and the album hit number one Simon's first album to do so emancipated from Simon and Garfunkel fans finally stopped shouting wears already at his shows this week in nineteen seventy six Chicago started a two week run at number one on the US singles chart with. If you leave me now, it was the group's eighteenth top forty hit. But it's first number one. It went on to win the Grammy award for best pop vocal performance this week in one thousand nine hundred seven Michael Jackson started a two week run. At number one on the us singles chart with bad the music video for bad directed by Martin Scorsese and co-starring one of the first appearances of yet. Undiscovered Wesley Snipes was released later in nineteen eighty seven this week in one thousand nine hundred three. Time magazine puts Eddie Vedder on the cover with the headline all the rage. Both veteran Kurt Cobain refused to speak with the magazine for the story, but they ran it. Anyway in an attempt to explain why young people are listening to such angry music and this week in two thousand and three in the middle of their first world tour and flush with fame from their debut album. Evanescence founder, Ben moody, abruptly quits the band. There's your look back at this week's rock almanac. Opiates.

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