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Today. Is Saturday October Twelfth Two Thousand Nineteen on this day in Nineteen Six Eighty four painter Mary Pinch Oh Meyer was shot to death in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC her death has been tied to solved hey friend I wanna tell you about the new three dollar little John John's dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP at participating locations taxes and delivery fees extra in crime history. I'm Vanessa Richardson and today we're going back to October twelfth nineteen sixty four when Mary pinchot Meyer was shot Bring her daily walk the only suspect ever officially tied to the murder was acquitted at trial and the rumors surrounding how and why she died were never laid to rest. Due to the graphic nature of today's crimes listener discretion is advised extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen before we unpack the ramifications of the murder let's go back to the morning of October twelve just before noon.

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