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Resort presented by colo- rum, valvoline instant oil change and Coors, light. Greg Bergman is filled in for John today. Are you nervous Greg? No, not at all. I was a little bit beforehand. But then you sent out me with a dunce cap on. So, you know, I don't feel so I could do I feel like I'm part of it very, very, very, very limited. Engage. Very limited three varies. Limited. So we talked a little bit about game to last night in Toronto. The Golden State Warriors came away with victory despite the fact that at one point Steph curry was sick. He took something called gels on the bench whenever that is, it's all supposed to give you just extra energy energy gels. And I mean, it seemed to work fit even work. He was fine after that. Steph curry was was fine Klay Thompson actually left the game with a hamstring tweak. I guess you would say yeah, and I texted, Michael task if he's gonna play, and he hasn't gotten back, yet, he might be on a point on a plan. Yeah, it's a five and a half hour flight if he's out for the next game. Does that give them with no cap de no Klay Thompson? Now, you have you have a sick. Steph curry. No Kvant looney is a game that always know about. We don't know Kvant looting dry. We do know boogie cousins gave it. I mean it's really going to be the staff and boogie show is able to give you that type of effort again. I mean he gave you twenty six twenty seven minutes of without kevon. So he's not supposed to play that many minutes coming off as a killing his quad. Drew bogut was used. I mean you know, I think it was Ben Lyons who talked about the others there. Others aren't as good as they used to be. No, no. They're not. And that's, that's why Quinn cook had a step up, and it was just a much look this. The morning show has arrived. Travis Rodgers and Chris Moore Alice travel morning show every morning, six AM to ten AM Keyshawn, l z and Travis. Let's go on yet guys. How're you doing Travis? Is that just coke the home? No, no, no, no. It's good for you. Sponsor coal. Flora, monsour is Jim beam. Nice. Question of the day is how is the hi guys..

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