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These She is our house. I have never seen a woman. So oh i have watched someone such a long time and she she she does everything. She doesn't just do it. She dies it's gone. Well she is a vase and she just. She commands everyone attention. She is someone who is. She's such kind also one such strong personality. She's everything is she's on the first line. I freaking out and i sent her about like five west note of need screaming of sexy for such a long time. But i've been so scared. I hope doesn't scare you end. She was so nice about inch of like you can call them down. It's fine but she just i'd love. She's amazing vos is big sister of life and how people see as this powerhouse like she's a fighter for people who she loves like the best thing about her is bose leads as well as she loves. And i think that's really why she continues to soar like what you see is actually real and then even deeper. She's magic that's that's that's the homey and i think like it's oakland when i'm interviewing context and right now we were. What's that right now. It's going to be a good conversation but she's she's amazing. So yeah that's going to be a good parent. I'm really glad that you have her. You have access to her because you this. You're only nineteen elsa. Think you understand the fact that you're only nineteen is actually wild because you are already getting doors open for you. Your opening doors that most people would never even know exist. I it's it's what's happening for you right now is magical and deserved and i hope that you get all the insight about all the mistakes we made. So you don't have to make the good thing is i. Have you guys to tell me what's up. So that's them was beautiful about all this. I of view. I don't need to watch you guys ended. I know you'll you'll be very straight with me and you'll be like no elsa that's messed stop. Why would he do that. Don't do the odds you know not to do i. You and i.

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