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Tomlinson spoke for 26 minutes that was just a minute and a half issue of that speech but very powerful moving words and and part of that sentiment is certainly nfl approved i bet roger goodell was smiling ear to ear when he heard lithuanian tomlinson say that football is a microcosm for america that's what football wants you to thank and in many ways lithuanian thomason is absolutely right and in many ways i agree with that even the part the gets messed up by introducing the idea of colin kaepernick to the discussion as football being a microcosm for america because colin kaepernick has been out ostracised for his beliefs and colin kaepernick represents a lot of what is wrong frankly with not just football but with america and that's an important part of the discussion to have to and that's one that the dating tomlinson seems eminently qualified to have because tomlinson is clearly thoughtful and tashin it and caring and i urge you to find all of that speech and listen to a because it's worth it because lithuanian tomlinson is a voice that matters in in football and outside of football he's respected across the board and clearly just from that little snippet has some ideas worth listening to danzi what did you make of of tomlinson's speech i think that that was just that that just that little men and a half there is representative of a lot of what he said and i think that it was a normally speeches are just like thank yous in a recap of a career in those settings mustika michael jordan hall of fame speech where he just takes out a grudge on everyone thomason i think used his platform in a in a good way what do you think of it i think that's what most people want out of athletes which is you have a chance to get up there and prepare something and speak and he spoke eloquently and.

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