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It can be a total trainwreck. You get flashes of brilliance here and there but it is hard when you have like fifty guitars playing at the same time. What's unrehearsed. yeah fully unrehearsed. Like some of the greatest musicians but also yeah and some people just like you know one of the four seasons just clapping his hands on stage with nothing to do marine. Maybe yeah her hammer. Chicken shake 'em a little portion instrument. Yeah i'll thank you very much. Well i'm going to definitely feature one of those. And i love your pockets on our pantheon podcast network. You wanna simple plug go pantheon. Yeah so my shows called. Who cares about the rock hall really care but yeah and the thing is i do care. In my co hosts. Kristen does not. And that's kind of the dynamic of the show we cover everything rock hall. We've got some fun. Recent episodes where we revisit some of the this year's inductees and we preview the ceremony and all sorts of stuff and we're excited to go back to business as usual after this has been a long season for us because this ceremony kept getting pushed back and usually we reset ceremony happens but it got pushed back six months. So we've been trying to find ways to to do this. But yeah at roc called paws rican find us on social media and all that and Yeah give us a listen and thank you for having me to be on each other shows because we're both on the same network so maybe someday i'll be on your show. It's fun yeah. I love rock hall. I've been to the rock hall and i was teary eyed man. I'm from pittsburgh so oh me too way. Yes and all that no way. Yeah i grew up in. I grew up in the north north west mifflin. Okay yeah kennywood park. That's yes yes. I've been the kennywood. Many times worked there when summer. I was a nightmare. Funny well that is. I did not know you were from pittsburgh. So that the sell side. I mean perogie. The perogie is in the south side are so good. We had them delivered to california because we had to. And they word yeah. I can't even dream of them. Oh that's really cool was so great. Yeah so we drove over the rock hall. And i want to take my son that hopefully next summer. We'll get back again. Because i was teary-eyed was like like this is my lou guy and it was just beautiful. They john lennon glasses. Were on display the glasses. They've they've got they've got so much stuff that's really really exciting and people don't understand is they've stuff from everybody. It doesn't have to just be people who are inducted into the hall itself you know. They've got stuff from know. Billie eilish to chuck berry and the everything in between costumes and to some of the props and just to see. Oh it's wonderful lyrics on a note on a piece of paper it's yeah it's all very very cool and they also have a cool like installations and videos that you can watch movies playing. And i don't know how the touch screen stuff is going with the pandemic but All sorts of different things that you can interact with that. I think is very cool as well absolutely. Yeah then spent go get a beer on the flats and cleveland. So it's from the river jumping like yoga. Have you ever. I never swimming in the river. Of course that's not a smart idea. Would joke was allah. Who cares about the rock hall. Thank.

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