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Indicative in a lot of ways to what we have seen early in these playoffs. The teams that went all out for eight seeding games because they had to Are getting the better of teams that you look and say they're not better than Portland is not better than L. A Portland has been playing playoff games since they got into the bubble. Ella hasn't I think that's a big reason why Portland one Orlando over Milwaukee Dallas last night over the Clippers. Prada and I would throw the Jazz against the Nuggets into that mix. But the problem is That the Denver Nuggets should not have been in the category of we don't care about the games and I'm still waiting for my exact me cash from Denver stiffs on a week or so ago. I know he agrees with me. Harrison windy. Agree with me last hour. The people who see eye to eye with the Doug. It's that I bring on this show. Our Ah, few and far between and that's fine. Like I'm not looking to bring on people who just agree with everything that I say. But I think Maura people need to acknowledge. That this team did not handle The seating games. In the best way possible they were so worried about the potential for injury. And seeding. That They did not. Other than the Utah game. Did not have a match up. That caused them to have to elevate their game to a playoff level. The Utah game did that. But the other chances L A L, a Portland. They put it on those opportunities. And I think you're seeing the effect of that. Just two games in And I don't think that the Nuggets lose this. Siri's. I'm not Given up on them. We knew that the Jazz would win at least one game. But I think what is absolutely crucial tomorrow is that the Nuggets come out. And punch. The Jazz in the mouth. Stop acting like it's going to be easy. And go right at Utah. You are better than them. Go right at him. Jump out to it ate nothing lead or something like that and just take it to these guys. It's fine if they drop a game like Game one if they would have ended up losing that game. You just kind of say, you know what could have gone either way, didn't go the Nuggets way. But yesterday is completely different. That is unacceptable for a team that always talks about championship aspirations. Now we don't believe them. We don't agree with them on that. But they believe that so if you believe it that act like it. Championship level. Teams don't get blown out like that yesterday. Come out tomorrow. And remind us Who you really are as a team. And that your superior to the Utah Jazz led Donovan Mitchell have his fun. But everyone else on that court every position. The Nuggets are better than their counterparts. And the the The big question is Will Mike Conley play tomorrow? And the Momenta MB is going in the direction of the will. And that creates another wrinkle for Utah. But that's not the Nuggets. I mean, it's the Nuggets concerned, but it should not be their concern. Who's playing and who's not because tomorrow should be about them. And tomorrow should be about rectifying the mistakes of game too. Story number three has no audio accompaniment. If it if it does, it would be like a sad trombone. Rocky's lose again today. That is now four in a row. Nine of their last 11. There now. 4.5 games out of first place. Only game out of half a game out of second, depending on how the Padres do tonight. And Iraqi scored a lot of runs today. They lost the game 10 to 8. But this team continues to swamp. And it doesn't look like it's going to be any better this weekend. With the L. A Dodgers. I'm not holding out hope that the Rockies Khun win this division, but they need to win a couple of these Dodger Games. The one not lose touch with the other guaranteed playoff spot, but also just to show that they can win a couple ballgames. It feels like a month. Since we've talked about the Rockies, winning two of three or back to back games, and now they're putting themselves in a situation where they got to do it against the best team in their division and arguably the best team in the National League. 5 to 2987 to take your thoughts on the three stories that driving the show. Coming up next switchbacks FC with a lot of home cooking lately, they had one home match that starts a six match home stand. Feels like they've got to take advantage. How do they do that? This weekend Against Paso, the head coach of the switchbacks alone. Koch joins me next on extra sports 1300 from the Chief Vapor Traffic.

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