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I can't do this. i can't do this. I can't battle that. Make this pal. Yes you can the same serial do. That's right thoroughly. We'll take care. And i'll even aware shirley lives. But if she gets to the mall spinner hollers better holler loud in. This is what i love about this story. We are supposed to be that. This is the reason this is in there right. I mean this story had no other significance than he could go in and say you know joab goes in and talks to this woman. She throws us heads over the why. It's all good but the fact of the matter is one woman goes to the wall and save the city and in stops a rebellion against david. And you know just in talking with you about this story right here and right now it already has me rethinking something that i said in the beginning about where were the men you know. They were probably busy and they're trying to figure out where he is. Yes what are we gonna do. I threw that out there. I kind of was saying Woman's gonna have to handle has where the but yeah she was was yes she could see that there was something she can do and it needed to be done and it just happened to take care of this office thing. I'll take care of this. Yes i have always been one of those that and if your listeners. You haven't figured that out by. I'll handle it. Confrontation is not an issue for me if it's done correctly. And if it's done wisely and loving him lovingly. And i can't say that i've always handled it that way. Well i know. I haven't in. Don't send me emails to those. I haven't handled it well. However you know there are times that we have to confront things whether it's evil whether it's disobedience whether it's A wolf any sand in your life has to be confronted has be confronted. And i'm okay. I'm okay handle it. Because i know who has got my back and it's nothing personal because i know you would always have my back. I'm it right okay. We've got that on tape now. Yes but the but the the fact of the matter is not as your back. You go to the story of jesus in the garden and you go. That you know here are his. You know his his three fifa lls pools and they can't stay. They cannot stay awake. You know he's like. Can you.

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