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The warriors stayed alive with a one six one zero five win over the rap tours who still lead the series three games to two Golden State came out with their full lineup for the first time in over a month, including Kevin Durant back from that calf strain Katie had three three pointers and had eleven points in twelve minutes. And then pulled up early in the second. Quarter ended leaves the game for good with an achilles injury. The end of his that early. Surge was enough heat. The dubs up by six after the first quarter they led by six at halftime. And they led by six the three-quarter Mark as well. But midway through the fourth Toronto went on a twelve to run ten of those from Kawhi Leonard, but the wires had an answer trades from Klay Thompson, then Steph curry, then Thompson again that made at one zero six one of three in the final minute Kyle Lowry. Hit a layup to make it a one point game and had a chance at a last second game winner. But if the side of the backboard game, six Thursday in Oakland off the court Tony Parker, the veteran guard who won four MBA titles with the Spurs announced his retirement after eighteen season Parker was the finals MVP in two thousand seven first European player to earn those honors and played seventeen years in San Antonio. Last year he was with the Hornets NHL game seven of the Stanley Cup finals tomorrow night in Boston Bruins, and blues, even Steven at three apiece. On the baseball front. David Ortiz was flown to Boston last night. Immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. The Red Sox sent a plane to the Dominican to pick him up after he was shot there on Sunday night, and underwent six hours worth of surgery. He's a Mass General this morning, and hopefully feeling better on the field Diamondbacks job, the Phillies thirteen eight Jarrod Dyson hit the first pitch of the game out for a home run number two hitter. Martinez belted a two two pitch over the wall in right? Hitter. David Peralta ran the council and he knocked went out the center three straight home runs to start the game. And that was only the beginning bardo Escobar homered from each side of the plate. Iltamara tomorrow. Vargas also homered twice eight long balls in all for the snakes and five for the Phillies to from Scott King. Thirteen home runs in a game is a new major league record the old Mark of twelve was that back in nineteen ninety-five by the White Sox, and Tigers in Detroit, and then matched in two thousand and two by the White Sox and Tigers in Chicago Braves blasted the pirates thirteen to seven Ronaldo new junior. Belted a grand slam Ozzy. All Bs went deep twice the Atlanta win and Philadelphia loss means those two are not tied for the lead in the NFL east. Nationals rip the White Sox, twelve one Kurt Suzuki had a grand slam and drove in five raiders shaded, the Red Sox, four three in eleven innings cardinals landed the Marlins four to one redbird snap a three game skid, raise dismayed the as six to Charlie Morton, improved to eight no seven innings of to hit ball. The wind moves Tampa Bay into first place in the AL east. Rockies edged the cubs six to five angels rally past the dodgers. Five three Mets and ranger Mets. And Yankees rather were arraigned out, they'll play a day-night doubleheader today and tonight, I guess, because that's how that works women's World Cup of the US begins. The title defense today in rants against Thailand. In group f also today New Zealand against the Netherlands and Chile against Sweden. That's Tuesday sports seven two. Next on America in the morning. Yes, chump. It's a chimp and he's vicious after these messages..

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