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Rebecca Long Bailey is the sixth candidate to stand the leader of the Labor Party. The show business secretaries at key ally Jeremy Corbyn and is seen as a front runner. Although behind current bookie's favourite Sakir storm others is on the list include Jess Phillips Clive. Lewis Emily thornberry and Lisa. Nandy our editorial column thinks it'll be a fascinating contest and wonders who has what it takes to get the job. Let Sep- some tests. First and foremost does this person see their overriding mission to be getting Labor into government that that might seem like an obvious central objective any opposition but it was not the primary goal of Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow travelers lend mcklusky and John McDonnell donal. The second test is this. Do they look like a prime minister. It's a blink test. Can you imagine this person. Stepping off the helicopter in Camp David David or turning up at the Elise Palace and representing the country. We can already apply the second test we can look at the candidates and tell which few look like. PM PM in waiting. And the many who don't and frankly never will whether the candidates can also passed. The first test is something. The coming weeks can illuminate tate. But Tony the coming years will confirm. Let's tune in and watch political. Correspondents fierce lays been watching the candidates Sofia Rebecca Long Bailey's finally entered the race. You took a while. But it's not a big surprise. It's really not not a big surprise But it's certainly exciting though it's hotting the race. She announced her candidacy by writing in a Socialist magazine Could Tribune in which she vowed to go to. War With the political establishment and essentially. This is seen as continuing Corbin's project saying she's no continuity candidate but that's very much how she's being seen. She was very much shorter nurtured in her career by shadow. Chancellor John McDonnell and he's seen as part of being a member of that same project she said who is likely to see me on the picket line as you are in the dispatch box is interesting. You said there that. She launched a campaign and Tribune the Socialist magazine. So although denying that she's a continuity candidate it seems that she's very much trying to appeal to his base and I wonder if part of doing that is what appears to be this veiled attack on the likely favourite for the job kill stormer. She's a phrase triangulation and said they took their eye off the ball essentially actually neglecting the voters over their brexit policy. And with a bit of a fudge she said you know. I'm not taking a covert EVATT attack on Mr Starr. But I think that's how it'd be interpreted by everybody listening to that list morning. She's clearly seeing him as the main challenge earn Aaron he he all the debates started pushing towards the second referendum and. I suspect this is where she says. She can differentiate Chazelle from from him so we now have. Several candidates declared kissed dom there Rebecca Lamberti obviously Jess Phillips announced at the weekend. It's looking like a really really interesting time for the Labor Party right now isn't it yeah. It's really exciting. It's really exciting race to watch actually We've got you know. Obviously obviously the the the dynamic of of what some might cool the hard left The the the came in with Kuban. And there's some quite strong words leads this morning from Labor former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. He said the party needed a continuity candidate like a hole in the head and said AH continuity candidate would be a suicide note for the party very very strong words. He even went as far to say that the party could actually collapse if it went mm for continuity candidate and he was also damning about antisemitism crisis which I think virtually all of the candidates have spoken about often condemned and said things that we haven't done enough but that will certainly be one to watch whether they can really root out that problem whether people believe they can retail that problem and we've got comprehensive coverage of the leadership campaign including profiles of the candidates online at Standard Yokota. UK now want to Bafta as best film and best director nomination categories have in common. There are no women N. either of them. That's in the year. Greta gerwig little little woman became a box office smash. There's been a bit of a backlash on social media are film critic Charlotte O'Sullivan Reviewed Little Women. Although you only gave it four stars Charlotte should it be on that best film list absolutely. It's a wonderful film very inventive. It's directed with such style. I think at the beginning. Maybe you can't tell especially if you don't know the book she's Greta Gerwig has actually changed so much about the book and playing sort of long game so the longer it goes on and you realize that she sort of toying with us and with our expectations and also for the commenting on what women could show you know back in the day but also now our need for romance and I sort of say you could compare it to Once upon a time in Hollywood yes it really deserves to be in the list I but if it goes on the list what comes off. Well I sorta think some mundy's nineteen seventeen though lovely is sort of a solid choice rather than an inspired one and he did so well at the Golden Globes so he hardly is a weak link in the eyes of the world but for me. That's that's who could have been left out. Apart from new women appearing are on the best directors list and the being no female helmed films in the best foams. There's a real lack of diversity atoll in after's released. Nominations isn't the especially in the best actress. Category it's quite shocking. In a way that given the strength think of women of Color in the acting field like for example. Cynthia River just gave this wonderful performance in Harriet has just been completely unacknowledged. Also lupita younger in US and Aquafina in the farewell this isn't asking for special favours. There's lots of wonderful performances but for me if you had what sort of take one out. Maybe Jessie Buckley and wild rose in America. It just did so well at the box office and simply a British actress. And it's kind of incredible bowl that she thought of one overall Americans who are very circumspect about British actress being chosen but after say that this is an industry wide problem. They're effectively actively just reflecting an issue within the movie industry itself. They can only judge the films that they're given is that fair. I think they can get away with that. Because at the Golden Globes for example Aquafina one for the farewell. So I think are the bodies are starting I'm to Get with get with the Times faster his looking a little bit out of date and looking at the the rest of the list and then nominations in all those categories. Are there any films in there that you're particularly glad to see this wonderful documentary. For Sammer made by Word Alkatiri she basically just filmed her life. Life in Aleppo as the bombs are falling while her husband doctor is trying to save lives while the little door to his growing up it is so personal snow and it is so shocking. It's been nominated in the categories and I think it will come away with something. I suspect maybe in the best film not an English language or maybe bought best documentary so yes nice that that's getting recognition and another movie that I know that you like Shala this parasite which is being recognized to hasn't it. Yes that's almost my favourite film of all of all of them. It's by Bong Juno and it's a South Korean. I guess you could call it comedy. Also very a bloody and it's just had my heart beating all the way if palace won best picture and best director. This will probably be the best year if a diversity that we've had CETACEA South Korean director winning would sort of changes the whole image.

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