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The sanctity of our elections, ism or important to have a sanctified and solid election system or who's President? I think the election should take priority, but we'll get into that. Jerry writes Lee. It's not as bad as you think. And I agree with your optimism. Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes, was down by 100.7% and qualifies for automatic recount. Pennsylvania 20 electoral votes was down by 6% and qualifies for automatic recount. Georgia 16 electoral votes was down by 160.2% and qualifies for automatic recount. North Carolina 15 electoral votes trump up by 1.4% and protect from Biden getting an automatic recount sense that the threshold is 1%. Arizona like 11 electoral votes with Trump down by 110.7%, Alaska, three electoral votes Trump won by a landslide. Yet the major media still hasn't called it for Trump. Nevada. Six electoral votes shows trump down just a whisker more than 1%. So while it doesn't qualify for an automatic recount, it's likely it'll get one by court order after Trump's attorneys present unassailable evidence of widespread voter fraud. Michigan 16 electoral votes shows trump down just a whisker more than 1%. Same thing applies. Trump is safe from Biden's recount requests and major states, including Florida, where he led by 4.5%, North Carolina, where he was up 1.5%. In Texas. Trump was up by a whopping 6%, where Biden is supposedly trying to flip Texas. What's more, Trump got more than 50% of what Biden got in California and 75% of what Biden got in New York. So again, it's not as bad as you think, and we have to wait for it to play out in the courts. I agree, Jerry. And thanks for sharing that valuable information. Although I sense I think since you sent it to me, some of that has changed, but I get the point definitely get the point. Robert writes Lee. I heard a news article about someone wanting the states to make a national mask make a national national mask mandate. Where are these people ordering their miracle masks from? I mean, obviously, they're using something completely different from the rest of us. Otherwise they would know that those available to us common folks. Don't work. Well, Robert, I disagree. They do keep you if you are infected from infecting somebody else, and that's the whole point behind a mask. When you see a surgeon working in an operating room, he's wearing a mask not to protect himself, Rupert to put to protect the patient that he's working on. But to answer your question. The Oklahoma Democrats caucus held a news conference earlier today, calling on state leaders to call a special section after the surge in Corona viruses. And it's lead once again by state representative Emily Virgin, who's been doing this ever since the Corona virus broke out. She is calling for a mask mandates. She thinks the governor's not doing enough, and she's of that ilk that wants to shut down the economy once again under the guise of Safety. We have to keep everybody safe, whereas I say we need to get out there. Keep the economy going. Take our safety precautions, which include wearing masks, washing hands and socially distancing. And let this thing run its course. Until we get a vaccine,.

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