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What would bray it was like this combination of way you know i miss like deep dude who is also like this cult leader who's also it was just a a combination of a bunch of different things it didn't feel like anything i'd seen in wrestling before yet it's hard it's hard any kind of the entire especially in the last twenty years or so to have a supernatural character and he pulled it off certainly early on what he felt a powerful yes it was real it felt like a real person it felt like somebody who should never break k fehb even though he did like he all of a sudden they have him like doing an interview about two a wwe to k sixteen mary naive i had not care about dairy wtk 60 hey man you know i'll get an xbox at home ready china forgot we're talking about what am i doing upset my family hyundai we're going to get the new xbox trendy going to play halo air well man i love halo but boy it just goes to prove guess wins and losses don't count blah blah blah blah blah however when somebody is supposed to be a menacing threat and they lose again and again and again than they become the person who draws a line in the sense a cross this line you die and then they cross at new draw nother lime another line another line as enemies outlines yet you just don't believe him any more.

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