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A black coat goal scorer ahead of them so far there were a couple tenths of a second all the in Calgary has that puck hit the back of the net so I believe this is gonna count there was about points zero six on the clock point six on the clock so it'll definitely counter deadly did count box wrapped up their three game road trip tomorrow to Vancouver Chris vote like you're pretty give a thirty day stubble Gianna tried nine o'clock and WGN and WGN radio dot com the outdoor vendor the NHL's winter classic will get underway later today it's the twelfth edition of this new year's day game Dallas Stars allows the Nashville predators that game will be played at the historic Cotton Bowl stadium bears general manager Ryan pace once again putting a support behind quarterback Mitch Stravinsky proclaiming of the star going into the twenty twenty season pasted stop short of saying the bears will exercise their fifth year option on the quarterback but also general already an experienced veteran who could push for a starting job the bears are sticking with service you they're shaking things up on the offense of coaching staff mark Helfrich one of four core of coordinators that is and I was fired by the bears yesterday college basketball last night had Bradley beating Drake AT seventy two hello state topping northern Iowa seventy six to seventy all the all the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball Anne mazer WGN sports your money on seven twenty WGN stocks closed out their best year since twenty thirteen last year twenty nineteen led by huge gains in technology stocks the Dow S. and P. and nasdaq all up for the year bond prices fell sending yields higher in the yield on the ten year treasury note rose to one point nine percent markets closed.

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