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It was an unusual request. Given the children had arrived to the store alone and the shock Gabe who had served by my children in the past. Did not recall them ever purchasing mate Pau before? Dislodge order fire excited. Demand of food that children were quiet for lunch. Whilst racking up Bill beyond what I could afford with the modest man of money given to them by their mother. But when it came Tom to pay the children handed over a one pan to note as significant amount in nineteen sixty six and two more money than the Beaumont children ever had access to. After leaving the bakery around midday. The children did not go straight to the bus. Stop and return home as expected instead minutes Lyda that was spotted backing in reserve this Tom neither Glen oaks of club building and notably couple sitting on a bench. So the three children arrive and stop speaking to the same toll blunt head man, Saint plying with children oleo. The sun nine man than a parched. The otaly couple sated Niba and within the short of children asked. I had seen anyone going through that belongings. He exclaimed someone's Nick down money. This conversation was either heard by another woman close by who watched as the man returned to the children and again, hoping the young Beaumont Gilles put their shorts on there by biters. The woman noted the action as odd as the oldest. Go looked much too old to require assistance getting dressed. The man then went into the chain sheds behind the surf club building to get dressed taking nothing but a pair of trails and a tale. The three children patiently waited for him on a bench out Saud and was still there when the orderly couple left Cawley reserve at around twelve fifteen pm. After this that were no further reported Saudis of the man or of Jane, Ana grant, bone..

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