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Essentially guarantee that their name would become synonymous with computers people thought of i'm buying a computer a p c at any rate not a mac than it's going to have that until inside sticker on their gonna have until inside on all the advertising and intel became a household name so it was a very valuable move on intel's part in 1990 three intel introduced the pentium line of processors i remember when that happened because it confused me is i was used to to eighty six three six forty six and then it went to pentium these were still built on the x eighty six processor architecture but they did depart from that eighty six naming system they decided to go with more trademark names and less about just numbers they part of this was probably to appeal to a larger audience of computer consumers people who probably didn't really care for referring to processors by what seemed to be meaningless numbers to them now as you can imagine these chips were more efficient and faster than their predecessors and this helped usher in an era of pc gaming among other things the faster processors allowed game developers to create software that was graphically intense and fastpaced and while games had always been part of personal computer history ever since personal computers had i come on the scene they now could rival consoles which are essentially specific computers designed to run very particular types of software so a console videogame console light the xbox or back in the day of this the super nintendo entered at nintendo entertainment system let's just a specialized computer.

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