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Was 51 right now. 31 I'm meteorologist Kirk Polish 95.5 WSB. Let's get back to the morning drive now are triple Team coverage begins to Mark McKay lacking for patients as you navigate iTunes five. The outer Loop in two spots in the cab county crash investigation wrapped up long ago 25 eastbound Jonesboro Road, but that was six up. 25 was shut down for more than five hours. That's why it's still jammed up back at the airport and still slow on the East Side perimeter 25 North Valley Even coming to the highway up the highway 78 we're doing well out of the northwest on 75 5 75. 400 free flowing between coming in Sandy Springs northeast Market 13 16 West Jam through Lord Still trying to get past earlier trouble at Sugarloaf Parkway. Now we've got no trouble at 85 live on the jam Cam. Two left lanes knocked out of the crash. 85, South bound inbound north of Beaver Ruin road delays back to Pleasant Hill. This report sponsored right true natural gas they report aliens have landed. But that wouldn't be true. Here's something that is true. True. Natural gas offers low rates and great customer service visit. True natural gas dot com. Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. Coming up in Atlanta's morning news. You know this is a constitutional issue. The Northeast Georgia congressman who is challenging metal detectors at the House of Representatives after being fined $5000 for going around them. Getting ready for the second impeachment trial for Donald Trump Company West Reduced time is 7 36. Hello, I'm Mike Lyndall. And when I invented my pillow, I wanted to have everything you'd.

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