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In. Here's a little more from the LAPD detective who is fronting this case to one witness. The white truck appeared to be trailing Sodhi eighty miles per hour. This was not a race. That there's nothing to support only that the white truck appeared to be accessible beetle, baby. Seventy eighty nine ninety miles per hour. Which is surprising because this is the first weekend. I mean in all honesty. Past four or five weeks? This is the first weekend where I haven't seen a fatality or major collision due to. Due to racing usually in the valley, usually in Northridge or something that that did not happen this weekend. So there is there is that. In an lighter note, this is breaking news from TMZ. And they're not quite sure if someone at USC is trolling the Laurie Laughlin. Mashi mo. Gianola? USC cheating scandal or not. But this was where they said that the the Laughlin journalists kids were really good rowers, and they should come as invited walk onto even scholarship athletes USC, and they got in. And then of course, you know, we know that those kids have never sat in a racing whole skull or anything period, and it was funny because for a lot of people running unfamiliar with collegiate rowing, that's unusual. But there is a poster up at USC right now and TMZ can't figure out whether it's a joke enough, but this is not a joke. But it says it's in the women's locker room big limited poster, and it says become an NCW division one.

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