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A crook eventually you find out that the iraq war was fought on false premises and then the accusation of iraq was handled poorly eventually you find out that housing prices will not continue to rise forever and and and so my my strong contention is that this story will come out and it will come out in a way that that fundamentally shifts the political dynamics and i think we all know at this point that that impeachment is not a at the end of the day it's not a constitutional we know it's going to be determined by constitutional lawyers or or by a careful reading of the law is going to be determined by politics and i i am arguing that the politics will shift is there some wishful thinking oh tremendous wishful thinking there is wishful thinking and there is a leap of faith i mean there's a the the thing that feels untenable and unsurvivable is the that the the we have a very simple easy to understand story that is being obfuscated by the daily trump chaos okay so the simple story is what corruption and incompetence yes corruption illegality engaging bad actors for the prophet of trump and the and creating a platform for others to profit around him and that this that there was no break from this practice going from the business to the campaign to the presidency and trump's in affirm self and he's profiting every day he i mean he says it you know and that it it's a weird feeling to say these words and feel that i'm sounding like i mean i'm very centrist reporter i'm a very you know down down the center reporter but i don't feel that what i'm saying is a radical critique i think it's obviously true and that trump himself has pretty much said that he's a man is similar.

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