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The first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk toll free from east of the rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three from west of the rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight to five five therese george via skype use skype named george nine seven three one three send georgia text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one from the city of angels this is coast to coast am with george noory till the next hour jeff belanger joins us as we talk about nightmares and frank nina legends make sure you're part of the program hey couple live shows just around the corner saturday june ninth las vegas nevada really looking forward to that event that's going to be fun silverton casino there's going to be some surprises come on buy tickets are going like crazy it'll be a meet and greet following it full information at coast to coast am dot com and the carousel real and in the events section right at the top of the homepage then asheville north carolina saturday august twenty fifth by the way they wanted to mention that they have a row of handicapped seats available right there in the in the first section so you can see them when you go to their website which i'm going to give you an a second in how to get there when you click into it there the purple seats so if you're in a handicapped or you need the special seating they.

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