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Like my home away from home in Canada. So it's been a long difficult persons to get here the last few months but Seems to be working out and pretty happy in actually get to fulfill my lifelong career as Middle Blocker and actually I'm going to play opposite this second half of the season here for this team so it'll be an interesting position. Change Awesome Twenty twenty. We have like a year for new adventures for you. Yeah Yeah exactly a whole new position not a whole nother career going on. So I've done a few interviews with other law athletes better and playing the ball like that. The what would you say for any athlete? You know in North America that want to play abroad. What will be your by for them? I think like if you're like a university player something like that and you're looking to go play abroad you graduate. I kind of thing I think. Definitely trying to get a manager like an agent who's GonNa find the contracts and BINDI teams Lowdown on which countries to go to where you best. Khl Easton and what your priorities are if you want to go in maker amid or you just want to go play somewhere. That's maybe a little bit less pressure less stress that you want the experience like. I totally recommended for anyone. Who does play volleyball even? Just do a year broaden just had the experience even if you don't necessarily want to make a lifelong career out of it but it's a very unique lifestyle in opportunity that I think is very difficult to compare match with In any other type of career GONNA do like in Canada states or anything like that so definitely recommend it but he prepared for fern adventure. Love it for. I'm a big Foodie. Had the best food abroad food. Actually I think in Italy at this little grandma and GRANDPA's like addic- restaurant had some of the best pass dug around my life like handmade Hunkin Ravioli. That I'd like literally never forgotten about. This is probably like eight years ago or something. I think about often also very good food. So you now at the stage where you're progressing in and you're being out this next chapter. Where do you hope that the everything land or had any yet a perfect world a perfect? They didn't how to use the next few years the chapters going. I think like I spent some time at home in Canada this summer. And it's Kinda Weird Psalmist. Feel more foreign there than I do in in Europe now just because I've spent the last ten years spending most my year playing abroad so I feel like a grown very accustomed to the European lifestyle. Almost more so than the Canadian one. So I if I spend the next year or so at least in Athens. Kind of transitioning out starring do continue with the work. I'm doing remote lean and I don't know see what falls into place or kind of a big believer in I Dunno networking. My way did things so we'll see what happens over the next year I think and then after that I might be ready to get back in settled down in in Canada. But tattered off back we will be removed to the US artery going to make that happen. Step very little time there but that could happen. Shirk definitely a few more questions for you Kinda rack. There's a little bit so if you wrote a letter by to your younger self like what would you tell that twelve year old girl? Who had the MSN you know Bio said? I WANNA be a pro bowl player. Won't you tell her about the journey ahead? It's GonNa take a lot of perseverance. A lot of dedication self-discipline. Ardmore good is definitely not going to be an easy path but I think yeah I think if you wanted and you see your dreams and that and you want to go for it like I mean Cliche to city billick anything's possible. Think you're in like your twelve her twelve to sixteen year old near like. Oh Man I really suck at Wally Ball like I should just quit mistake. I was terrible. I couldn't even overhand serve until a great eleven so just goes to show like I was from Kalona B. C. Were not a lot of volleyball products. Come out at the time anyways of like the only one from there so just keep doing what you want in working hard for it end. Nobody's really gonNa work hard for you. Sell it's Kinda comes up to what you want and what you want to get out of. Cheer Goals Evan. If you're younger still act you was if all the sacrifices the disappointments up and down the worst On say absolutely because I think if he don't push yourself to your limits and push yourself to at least try to achieve your goals like I mean like I said my biggest goal is student Olympian and I technically failed that but like I did everything that I could at the time to get there and to to make that happen. I've seen now like what I can do. And I know that anything basically like I feel like ordered a really good way to learn a lot yourself. Learn a lot about what you can do in life. And all those things kind of apply when you're out of order when you're in real life as we say and yeah it's just you learn a lot of invaluable lessons from yourself from your teammates and coaches in other people and I definitely think it's it is a lot of sacrifice but like when I look back unless ten years like I'm really happy that I was able to pursue this in create this life and it's definitely been very hard at times in Canada unusual ways more so than don't do this definitely been very work at the moon landing stars. Yeah exactly got two degrees though. Nothing view shoot for the moon and land in Athens. Shirt that'll be may twenty twenty motto beloved and Last Question. For you social media websites where you at. Instagram is at pieces. Three three three so that comes. Actually people always ask me about that. Race is my official name but was very rarely called. That wrote all my sports career. With reese which is like the recent research pieces anime nickname and also the police that so pieces through through three hundred ground then by twitter is underscore pc on very related and my facebook have a Maria failed. Volleyball Page athlete page on their branch. Don't really use the personal one. More number three. Yeah three was. Might you be number actually than it won the national championships in so that was kind of my special number boom. I love it Marie. Great talking with letting your story not think. We'll look into whether they're playing volleyball anywhere. No royal can really get value from every chapter of your story. Yeah for sure. I was definitely very very bad when I started. So there's Oh so. Hopefully they'll maybe make chemistry. Still you know he. He can youtube channel. Doing you know like five pair. Experiments actually buy the books that I in university in actually relearn on the cramming mentality onto the lingo to practice another struggles to share do not only teaches you how to cope with extreme extremely stressful situations. A fifteen minutes. Learn three chapters. Let's go oh Freyberg good exam schedule with at least like a day or two between my cam. Exams Cram into days in like not sleep where the exam. Forget everything that we went to the next one L. ACROSS. Yeah did well in the labs 'cause good actually So that will bring mark up a little bit until pass. I'm with you. I'm with you on. That has been great. Hope you enjoy Athens and everyone go for her. I cry because I'm looking off the junk. Man I am with the grease my definitely. My instagram is a little bit of a agree side. Traveling foods or page being cool like the Cactus in the mountains of Mike Brief look you getting a little bit. Everything so beautiful. And if you haven't been definitely recommend it definitely a war enjoy your day. Enjoy the food and we'll talk to you.

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