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All of it including yourself talking about wanting an appreciated no dams ending also the current conversation thing the gronk thing was there because that was in the aftermath of bronc want a new deal and in brady new now we know this grading gronk have been embarrassed by the training staff because he wanted to train like alex guerrero guerrero was an and gronk were a team brady knew he had been been put off by the organization he knew the crocodile tough year and so he puts that in there or they believe it or not on purpose yeah guy gronk there's no question and and you know when the last time was a lot of things to pick it and obviously the ending was very important with treselle and tom's ending but we went back in a couple of days later we brought up that conversation you know the one between gronk and brady in the car shirt you think about those two individuals we find out later that both of these guys feel under appreciated you know and and by the organization by tom brady or whatever it might be so here are two guys having this conversation it just like no you're great you're great you're great polity evan honey that was a miracle of winning without you out there just so you know that was how does how does the playoffs and so we brought that up like it's a miracle that we won without you you know your your josh mcdaniels you know whether matt patricia you bill bella check your your your danny amendola here everyone that contributed in that game you know he could spin around and be like man we won the super bowl the year before you gotta be somebody call that to me you got to be very sensitive or there's already a pre existing issue with the player and you've already think there's something there if you're going to take offense of that tom tom brady is saying what every fan probably thought they on fourteen points in the.

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