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To an ugly scars I'm Scott credits nine no one on this for your son forty K. T. R. raged rather whether together good morning Julie to hearty good morning we've been dealing with fog in this closure in the Conroe area all morning long forty five that inbound side they're putting on the frontage road at thirty eighty three and you are backed up all the way through the Willis area in seventy five it is also backed up into Willis because of this thing if you're looking for another alternate you could always take twenty four thirty two and take that down to fourteen eighty four cut back over otherwise we still have some heavy traffic if you're trying to travel on outbound ninety this accidents going to be right around the Heaney and hall and there is a couple minutes away I'm Julie hardy in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center while temperatures to start off the work week will turn out partly cloudy today mid upper sixties tomorrow an eighty percent chance of rain mid sixties to low seventies and then some cooler drier air midweek Wednesday was sunshine upper fifties to low sixties for highs I meteorologist Terry Smith at the weather channel fifty six on the island fifty five here at the case here H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center nine oh to our top story Wall Street not off to a good start today the Dow right now down three hundred ninety six nasdaq down one hundred sixty nine S. and P. five hundred down forty two oil in fifty three forty one Senate impeachment trial continues the president's defense team will resume its arguments as they battle with house prosecutors over witnesses hi Republican Jim Jordan was on fox and friends I think what we really saw Saturday is we saw two hours of the truth and two hours of the truth beats the twenty.

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