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Three hundred thousand tracers across the country calling people and saying Hey tell me everyone you've seen and I'm a call those people and then to tell them that they should stay home we sure it's not gonna become you have to stay home how certain are you that we're not going to transition from a suggestion to a mandate about these individual quarantines that would come from the testing trace programs being set up in states across the country you know when does the voluntary become obligatory on these issues remember it was don't wear a mask at all then it was don't take masks away from frontline responders because we don't have enough PP now it's wear a mask or else where mass gross we might burn your church down at least that's what's happen in Mississippi wear a mask or else isn't it a stunning but entirely predictable how quickly this all transitions on the obligatory become are the voluntary becomes obligatory that's what we need to understand about all of those that's why the test and trace program plus all the civil liberties concerns and the stupidity of it as well you're gonna try this three hundred thousand new cases a day they're guessing across the country a country of three hundred and twenty million people there's three thousand cases a day roughly maybe twenty I'm sorry thirty thousand pardon me thirty thousand cases a day so if you're twenty to thirty thousand new cases a day across the country well what I will how we are going to track that down however gonna do that the answer is we're not going to so what are we doing asked that question you get yelled at that's the question they should they say stay inside do your part we're all in this together we're not all in this together that's become clear from the data as well people are still getting paid and have plenty of resources and plenty of room at home wherever that is they're not in this whether somebody's lost their job has no savings doesn't know what to do with the kids at all can't son to school and is freaking out there they're not in the same place radio one thousand K. T. O. K. if you never go online your personal information seems like a single ping pong ball bouncing up and down not too hard to keep track.

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