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Today began as long planned anti violence campaign by announcing that seventeen thousand gun locks to be given away for free to anyone who wants one you can have as many as you need sure probably our sellers are stresses this is not a slippery slope to gun confiscation we don't want your guns we know that this is South Texas and we love our guns in South Texas but we also love our children can stories of children killing themselves and each other playing with guns they found around the house a judge Nelson Wolff says Texas which is had more mass shootings than any other state needs to take the lead on anti gun violence programs he also announced gun shows will no longer be welcome at the county owned Freeman Coliseum if you're headed to the airport this week for thanksgiving trip pack your patience interim director Tom Bartlett says it's going to be busy expect this week over a hundred thousand passengers going through security and another hundred thousand passengers arriving in the middle of summer we opened a extra security line of terminal a so now we have seven fully functional security checkpoint lanes any says they will all be up and running this week to handle the flow the next big medical demand a B. for hip and joint replacements Dr Suraj say either the Baptist health system this is there are several reasons for that one of them's increasing obesity among young people more younger people that are needing joint replacement surgery is another problem is the aging population which wants to keep active in that naturally leads to more joint injuries president from ceding phrase on the dog who took part in the raid that killed the ISIS leader Abu all Baghdadi in Syria and with I don't know exactly what was going on and in a photo op with cone at the White House and call them and incredible dog.

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