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Have enough enough ladies on the on the show at least musical artists. Get a lot of guys. You think so? Yeah, I think so. All right. Well, listen, I would like to balance it out here a little bit. I wanted to talk for a moment about Brianna Adams. Her her new album or her new EP is one more highway or really astounding artists out of Out of Texas, By the way, Um, coming up, Uh, the hidden history the song Revolution. 1971 part two part to miss Part one last week. You're going to be completely lost. No, no, no, no. But there was there, Boy. There was so much music in 1971 and And classic music just do music from the seventies and I'd be fine with it. Always I actually had considered doing doing another, uh, another show of another hidden history. The song like a part three and 71. Are you really I'm down for it? Yeah, 100%. Okay. I have no complaints because because we're leaving a lot of great artists on the side of the road with with the two parts, so maybe we'll do a three part. Listen, but if you're still feeling the fire for that If you've just still got it in your heart And you want to go forward with this and right behind 1000 songs from 1971? No, but I've got I've got a file on my on my iPad. I'm a on my MP three player, um, of probably 300 songs and and better than 100, different artists from from the seventies. All of them astounding. Let's keep it going. Yeah, some some great diversity, But, uh And, uh, you know, you'll you'll absolutely love this. Um, we're gonna We're going to take a quick break here. I want to play quite a bit of Brianna Adams off of her one more highway EP. This is actually the title track off of that EP. You can find out more at Brianna atoms dot com will be right back with Tom Rush.

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