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Bitcoin that i listen to this man i never got into it because i'm busy and news information aiono stocks and that i've just that's not what i do i'm just here with news and info 'cause i got into stocks stuff i get obsessed with what other out your work on i get obsessed with i've got everything about watching sports that's all i do i mean it i just fire what's why can't we export it's just news news my family that's it uh but man cryptocurrency market now worth more than jp morgan three hundred seventy billion dollars and growing exponentially and and i know it's it's real because it if we something citizens have versus what the globalist have which is their own fiat money but then they just get to use it so central bank's move on over i thought they shut it down but i guess they just couldn't stop it but bitcoin has gained four thousand in just two days sixteen thousand per bitcoin if i bought bitcoin back when i first learned about it when nobody knew about it it was his first hearing about max kaiser i mean i could have one hundred thousand dollars and not have have fifty million dollars me the break this down forests this is just astonishing cnbc it's now the biggest thing in the world cryptocurrencies alone is bigger than jp morgan what in the world is going on max kaiser i know you're in the airport but while you you you told i first heard about bitcoin from you give me the history how many years ago was that yeah i was a three hours a coin back then and we suggested that this could do the work that crash as the oregon by sober campaign was trying to do and nice it'd be capitalised the big bang you said it was to get bigger them you are large eight profit fail yeah pretty much because we need it away venture did money that they couldn't control and they couldn't manipulate and bitcoin is that money now they're all scrambling to get involved and the price is going to go a lot higher and this is currency of the revolution this is the currency of the global insurrection against banker occupation bitcoin is the real thing out i just.

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