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Miss Ashley home store presidents day sale and take advantage of ninety six months no interest financing that's a full year's plus get three hundred dollars in gift cards actually home store where America buys Tempur Pedic on JP thanks Katie a honest mostly sunny today the high about sixty four clear tonight with a low of forty two sunny and sixty eight tomorrow by Friday partly cloudy with a high of seventy one will stay in the seventies Saturday and Sunday your weather is brought to you by Howard Air Paul Calvi sees it the desert for dealers sports desk sure a dog show wasn't in your house Jim every time I turn around the other day you're there you during your Superbowl party and like I here's another new dog Albany dogs this are bad over here my goodness five AM club members you know I mean good morning you didn't expect the four year old human Debbie the woman but not even because the right yeah that's right now my go so deep backs out on the field today that's right somebody cue the theme from the natural first work out today pitchers and catchers let it wash over you and the question of the GMI Kazin yesterday ninety eight seven FM Arizona sports do you consider the D. backs a playoff team no we sit around and say we have a good team we have a bunch of good baseball players that I think you know how to win that know how to play the game the playoffs are going to be the result of a hundred and sixty two games of quality baseball first full team workouts gonna be Monday sons one last game tonight downtown again supporters before the all star break Monty Williams are given time to decompress what we want our guys to stay sharp can't take seven days off you'll be surprised when you get back so the lover regimen employees coyotes at Toronto were tied at two one overtime no he plays release in may when three two as doggies do get a point out of that one and that is sports book of the.

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