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This is one A. I'm Joshua Johnson. In Washington last year's midterms were big for Democrats taking over leadership in the house and in seven states. Now comes the hard part getting meaningful laws passed our project. One a across America is digging into the issues that resonate with odors and seeing just how divided this country actually is Kansas is a good place to look a red state just elected a democratic governor Laura Kelly beat a very conservative Republican crisco Bach in last year's race. Now, she faces a legislature where Republicans hold super majorities in both chambers. Some GOP lawmakers have said she has no mandate to govern because she won with less than half the vote. So what does it take to pass laws and fulfill campaign promises with some strong political headwinds joining us from Kansas public radio to discuss it is governor Laura Kelly governor, welcome to one A. Thanks so much. Casual so your victory required, the support of moderate Republican voters, and I think that's one of the reasons why people around the country are looking at you to figure out how you did it. So how'd you do it? Well, you're right. I did have the pleasure of much moderate Republican support throughout the campaign, including a to former Republican governors Bill graves and Mike Hayden and two former Republican US senators, Sheila Frahm, and Nancy Kassebaum who all came out in endorsed Mike campaign that was incredibly important. I think it sent a huge signal to Republicans all across the state that I was somebody they trust somebody work with. And I was somebody who shared their values taking that now into the governor's office. You probably know that I was a state Senator for fourteen years..

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