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You and i go back a number of years i i used to work with you another radio station and here we are again we're going to have a good time today gaydos and i go back even further believe it or not well but we got rid of him for today and that's an i very much appreciate it but yes we and by the way you're not a prettier man today than you were then either but neither am i always have less hair than i do and amazing thing about you you always have less in grade a little bit yes distinguish lee don't you wouldn't you say i would say so we'd say i would say you look about the same i definitely look worse no i don't think you look worse in fact we had an argument okay you disagree and of course i would bow to your knowledge but you do have looked like you you have lost and you but you've become a health nut i guess i ran nine miles last night renoir iran nine feet and i was tired i talked to you last night you told me you were going eight on an eight ma your your practicing for a half marathon hafer a fall which one half or full pick your choice we'll see either by the race day i'll make the decision so it's a full marathon but you decided to go half sometimes you can wuss out and do half yeah okay or you can do the rosie ruiz thing you know what that is that as you just head right to the finish line to the finish line and we all been waiting for you here yeah she won the new york city marathon of course it was pulled from okay but listen i'm impressed i mean if you can run eight miles in that heat go for if you were expecting me to join you inviting me inviting you of course yeah well don't don't worry about it okay if you're jogging if you're if it's healthy i'm probably not in on it you talk about inviting and the president has certainly invited the democrats to come to the party now they don't want to join him on just about anything he wants to do they have become very obstructionist and you know the republicans when obama was an office did a lot of the same thing president trump is warning the democrats now that if you.

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