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She inches happen and if we refuse to listen they don't so just to kind of finish off this very brief reflection do we need our enemies is there something that we get if it that means actually unconsciously we don't get want to get rid of them i don't know if he ever saw there is a sign it said the democratic party used it said love trumps he it is a popular sign and it men's love is better than he it and it also meant trump with someone who was he had fallen love is better than that but there was another way to read the sign which is just literally love trumps he it hi many of us love it get something i developed had many of us are psychically invested and create jokes create humor create this quit that creates sense of we are pure and we are good and and actually we end up wanting our enemy and therefore unconsciously not wanting to get rid of them because they purify as they help us have a beautiful soul it's interesting that judge dredd kim might of the yes judge dreads interesting is judge dredd he finds a criminal he judges them they're in then and t if needs be executes them infant in popular culture judge dredd is the ultimate in concrete justice he's not obstruct he's concrete he looks at the problem there's an evil and he deals with it he's concrete not abstract.

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