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Would say zero V. V is what Vietnamese pennies. I didn't make up the rules. Every human is equal. I'm just telling you what this place was like. You're just an attendee. I'm an attendee right. And they were hot. What'S THE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE BETWEEN A v? Sem Hundreds of pot. I Dunno hundreds. What is it about is their currency But I think so. Is that what it's called? I think so. I think our research people should do it. Not You they will. They're doing it. They're not fast enough and they're not fast enough so then I would the first night I go. I'll my God I'll take four zero three. Sm All that's good right and so they bring you down and then you fall you back to your table where the fruit is and you have to kind of have like a conversation. You'll you'll you know that kind of thing? What are they WANNA talk to you? I don't know all the way. Five hundred is only sixteen dollars American. Yeah so you paid sixteen for shooter God so then you go up to a room and then you take a bath. Yeah they WANNA clean you because you they probably think you have dirty p. No that's what I thought at first. But you'd be she went. Get on your dog. Sit like Giannis on hands. Need like she wanted me to do like a dog. Doggy style sitting in the bathtub were the nozzle was by my butthole and she goes. Okay now take us up. And she poured the soap in. My asshole would shoot. Rub it and she would pour soap in your butthole. Yeah how does she? What do you mean she? And then she the and then the water would go into your and then she would say scrub it. Which would scrub? You're with like a stick with like a like a like a Loofah. Whatever okay and then she would rinse it and then she did it three times she rinse your butthole three or more. Which makes you which makes you feel like that or right like they were bringing it in you. Do this for everyone right. She's like most won. You fought okay Ma right so so then she goes okay. She drives you off and she goes. Okay good on your stomach and you lay on your stomach and I. I don't know what to do. I'm just do we. When you go to a different country you just cut your general. Yeah you're following following the rules right and I remember sitting there all my stomach and a gigantic clock like an old timey looking clock. You're on your back or your stom- stomach on the bed now. So you're laying face down on the globe and I'm like what are you gonNa to give me massage? And then I go and she was eating my bowl okay. I didn't ask for it and let her watch all three times. What do you think that was four? I don't maybe I smell down. I don't know what it is. She was going to wash. My Dick wants to well. Yeah yea such literally. I'm not kidding you. It was fifteen minutes to as soon as Click fifteen minutes. She was done. She just ate your bottle fifteen minutes you what she just got up. Did she tug on your on your poll. That was the beginning. That's like the appetizer. Yeah my friend. And so then she put a condom on me. No she blew me without a condom. That's why they make you eat fruit. She blew me without a condom. And then just put a card on me. We had sex and then I ran into the two executives in the hallway today. Did she like a right of passage. You and then. I went there every single day for a month and a half every day I would shoot and give me like per diem per diem. Yeah and you'd probably spend what the whole course of the time you spent one hundred dollars. Yeah and the per diem was a hundred dollars in American money. Yeah so yeah right so then I would take a moped and go any got to the point where I feel so bad about it. Why do you feel bad because I got to the point where you tend to get a yeah? I couldn't get hard because it was fucking so much weight because you would go every day. Yes and not only that. I was hurting other women's feelings because I'm funny right so I make people laugh in the room so then when I'm in go ahead so when I'm in the bleacher room you're telling me there's A. There's a girl that I had four days ago I had like a connection with and I had to pretend I don't know who they are because one different so I have to go either. Pass them and as soon as they go down and get sat down right God then it got to the point where I one time. I even said I'll just pay you. We're not going to do anything which is GonNa Watch TV. Why you were lonely lonely. He wanted just companions. Yeah that's Kinda cute though. Yeah you knew also brought there was but he didn't. He just wanted to go for the experience his name. Fuck. He didn't anything all right. He didn't do anything. Okay I went to Beirut had I went to a brothel in Beirut and and they didn't do anything Danny masterson. His brother went with me just to check it out. Yeah well I'd go to look at it and they just they just left but you live there yeah right. Yeah Yeah I rent payment here. I paid rent but like I went with the women in the dark night. Of course. Yeah the Chinese guy. Yes yeah to a brothel. He just wanted to. You know he was one of the leads of the movie names. Chin-han Greg Yeah and he goes He went. We had the fruit and just left. He just want fruit. Maybe or he just wanted to. I guess I think enjoy fantasy. Maybe I don't know why but it's Kinda like going to a strip club though people go to strip clubs and they get blow jobs and they tugs and all that stuff and some people just go strip club because it's an atmosphere. It's like a place to be. Yeah Yeah I. I don't really love going to go too far with friends dances. I kind of just L. Throw a couple of bucks on the stage for him and hands him the best because Hymns is a product that I wish More men would use because.

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