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Couple shows ago we were talking about second half show on how you're so disappointed that that I don't do it anymore No I never said you want Malians I can have a show sick but okay. Is Because you want aliens you want thought aliens and a lot of people want this and and it bothers me obviously because. I like doing that but we've gotten to the point and I have an example of this where the things that we were doing second half of show for years, Moon bases all of that's now all of that is now coming out being confirmed and one of my favorites. was. reports that military. Personnel who are either. Working, missile silos or guarding them. That UFO's would come. We had clipped all kinds of stuff. UFO's would fly over the silos and all the equipment would be nonfunctional. So they couldn't even launched the missiles if they wanted to. And that was a real good second-half for show. Now we fast we're fast forwarding at least nine years maybe ten since I started talking about that, and now this is just mainstream this from actually the Tucker Carlson always has these guys. He's doing second half a show He always has them on his programming and this is from the movie. The feet phenomenon I think it'd Harry Reid speaks in this Harry Reid former senator of Nevada area fifty one is wrong were saying nobody has to grieve. which shouldn't we at least be spending money to study Congolese phenomenon? Should we study the stock answer? Yes summer. And why the federal government all these years has covered up, put a pass on everything stopped. I think it's very very. Bad for our country, are you saying that there's some evidence still hasn't seen the light of Day Outrageous, and it's not a partisan question by the way that of course was homer Senate majority leader Harry, Reid of Nevada. One but that's not even the biggest client. The film Rian said that UFO's have actually repeatedly interfered with our nuclear weapons capabilities. So to me it's like we've done it all and of all the things we've done. They just eventually five, six, seven, ten years later they come out again I. I don't think I have anything at this is nothing left. Well you had. Hold on a second now I agree was a lot of these. You're right everything. We've done this show five years ago is coming out now. But you had stuff where you're going to meet an alien tell the. That opportunity doesn't come up every day. You don't get out enough and I would think if there's any place. Well, okay. Here's one you're in Texas and you've got to see those screwball lights of Marfa right? Do you know it's an eight hour drive to Marfa another thing? I'm not going to do a lot thrive out there and look around to give you another example which we wait. Wait wait. There's a couple of these towers in Texas and I think some of them are around you the moon get used Tesla's energy beams of energy for distribution of electrical electrical. Grid Yeah we've talked about we've talked about that too. It's not in Austin. It's a little bit outside of Austin and it's It's Yeah. They have a one of Tesla's towers. We've talked about this. We've played lips. Yeah but you didn't go there yet. Another example is something we like to call the six week cycle. We can talk about that here. The six week cycle was really identified during the Obama Administration the FBI wants to keep it budgets needs to keep fear flowing needs to keep themselves looking good in the way they do. It is by infiltrating groups typically at the time it was terrorists. They the find the guy who's already. Low. IQ has has posted few crazy things on social media and they'll contact him and they'll jack up and they'll talk about Jihad and the wind up helping him get what he thinks is a van full of explosives and the minute they give them the cell phone the minute the guy tries to dial the number to detonate the fake bomb they arrest him and make a big deal out of it. And we call this the six week cycle and the six weeks, it happened every six week. Six Week Cycle team from the FBI is added again with this whitmer kidnapping bullcrap will I'm I questioned this as a six week cycle it's not a six s of the six week cycle team. The team. The team who were meant to do this as an October surprise, they've infiltrated this group of so-called militias for six months. Six months they've been jacking up going secret secret meetings wiretapping they could have come out with this anytime they wanted. But no, it's gotta be an October when heavy pressure is on the FBI. Yeah I mean I have mixed feelings about this thing I have a clip which is kind of interesting. The reason I say that I read the indictment is like A brother. We've seen this crap a million times. He has very similar septic. They did it a little differently. They didn't have the guy you know buying him the gear, they had their own gear and it wasn't like they come on. Let's go buy some guns. And they still you know there's still the one missing man. They had the thirteen guys in the pictures put the patrons. Five of them are are FBI informants five, five of those. FBI informants please and they look like you know I would say there's probably one of them's a psycho the rest of them are just you know drinking buddies. Yeah. Yeah. It it could be funny as hell and probably is. Based on our thesis now but the local reports are kind of interesting. So if you actually go to Michigan and pulled down a local news report on, this is completely different. And it's like it's almost as though they don't care to. To local report from a local station in Michigan area where these guys were arrested spoke with Barry County Sheriff Charlie who does say he knows these guys he quote has never had lunch with them or anything like that. But as ran into him at some of these rallies said, they've always been nice and respectful to him adding they deserve a fair trial, Michael and William no were among the first charged Thursday for their alleged roles in the plot to kidnap. Governor Aggression Wimmer brothers from plane well, and Shelbyville are now charged with providing support for terroristic acts on top of weapons charges, through West, Michigan homes rated. Wednesday, night with able to hear them. Say FBI have a warrant for your rest come out with your hands up a neighbor of William. Knell spoke with Fox seventeen under the condition of anonymity they win the raid and we're shot hearing what it was related to her that there was a lot of militia people. Their right to do so but to the extent that we just found out last night totally surprised about that the no brothers had ties to militia groups are frequently seen at local demonstrations including at this rally in protest. Of Governor Whitmer, stay at home order held last May. In grand rapids you can see William No onstage alongside Berry County, Sheriff Dr, leaf, a guest. Speaker at the event, we spoke with sheriff Thursday night climate, right everything up on it. I got other duties to do our investigation. So I was shocked I did not see this coming with those guys but still we can't convict him in the news media here. They do have a right to a fair trial. We've says, he doesn't know of knows alleged involvement in the plot..

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