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Services forty to fifty bucks for an undercover Columbus. Police vice unit detective his name is Andrew Mitchell. He was suspended on September twenty sixth because of an investigation by the FBI to the Columbus. Police vice unit he was under investigation. He fatally shot Donna castleberry who's Twenty-three in an undercover police car on August twenty third in Franklin after and she's a prostitute after while sheet. What happened was she solicited? He said, hey, you know, you're under arrest. You're busted that she stabbed him in the hand with a knife. And then he shot her. So we ended up killing her. And this is the guy that they're actually. And and I I don't know nobody said anything with regard to he's the guy or somebody bubble, blah. There's been people. Trying to connect dots to possibly I I can't believe in my heart of hearts that law enforcement perpetrated because it's just you just have to be the dumbest police officer in history. If in fact, this is something you did as a police officer. I I'm just not buying that. There's so many things that don't make sense here. And I think it obviously will all come out here as I'm sure they're getting people suspects together and so on but also as the autopsy when that finishes and they determine the cause of death all of that will be interesting to see how this plays out as well. But Matt and Daniel, and Greg and Al you guys all stay right there and room for you eight to one WTVN one eight hundred six ten WTVN some interesting theories going on here. But what happened what could possibly have happened? How did she get? If in fact, she arrived deceased, how did she get from Sullivan avenue.

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