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And if you'd read J. D. Vance's hillbilly elegy You would have understood why the game stop. Robin Hood. Wall Street story. Is pure Maga. So what really happened last weekend? Here? I have to give credit to my 21 year old son who's been in Robin Hood. He's been updating me every day on his investments on Robin Hood on what's going on on read it, So I went, I had a competitive advantage. The big boys. Melvin Capital, Citron, the hedge funds sort company, a brick and mortar video game store called Gamestop, and they wanted to crush it because they said that They'll never transform into the Internet age. They won't be able to what Netflix did, so they shorted it. They bet on its stock plummeting. And when the subreddit on that media page that social media app Of young guys of average Americans said. Hey, that's wrong. We love games. Stop! We're gonna buy shares. They pumped up the price of that share. More than 700%. Day event or David's took on Goliath. And they won. On one level. Anybody who loves free market should love this story. But I don't know that. It's about the little guy versus the establishment. On the establishment winning And it that in the establishment Losing to the little guy. That Is exactly why we elected Donald Trump. Represent the forgotten men and women across America. Maga is stronger than ever. It's up to us..

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