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We didn't take it seriously when Donald Trump suggested that the virus might have been man made and came from a lab is because Donald Trump said it and he's a racist and so therefore we don't listen to anything that, he says. Also Biden's Nominee for Alcohol, Tobacco firearms. Admitted. Under cross examination by Ted Cruz that he wants to eliminate the most popular long arm in America. The A R 15 all of that and more triple 8971 as a G triple 8971. 7243 Here is a co host of the view. Sarah Haines. I think also, there was some. There were people that had raised concerns early on a couple years before saying that you know, the safety precautions in this particular lab won't continue always followed. And when that theory came out that it could have come from a lab came out under the former administration, and I think the messenger matters. I think the messenger matters. Okay? Damn right. The messenger matters. That's why we don't trust The New York Times. If we don't trust the Washington Post. New York Times. Porter's got a bunch of Pulitzers for this bogus Donald Trump. Collusion nonsense. Mentioned yesterday. The New York Times has not endorsed a Republican for president since 1956 I think about that. Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan. Walter Mondale. Over Ronald Reagan. 1984 Ronald Reagan wins reelection. 49 States Toe one, but they didn't get The New York Times vote. Messenger matters. I'm watching CNN this afternoon so you don't have to And they're just routinely referring to what happened on January 6th as an insurrection. Talked about the 9 11 Commission to investigate quote the insurrection. Close quote. You lost me it in an insurrection. Once you start calling this an insurrection. You've already indicated how you feel. Like when Kyrie Irving used the word Palestine to describe where the Palestinians reside. There's no country called Palestine. You've already picked a side. Whenever you say Gaza is being occupied, you picked a side. He's really pulled out of Gaza. The reason that Security precautions or theirs, because Gaza sending rockets into Israel duh. Once you referred to what happened on January 6th as an insurrection of our decided where you are. Insurrection. Meanwhile, Far, far less anger at China having release this virus. Presumably accidentally, but we don't know. Into the world so far, 600,000 Americans. Have been killed. 3.5 million people worldwide have been killed and counting. And when Donald Trump suggested that it might have come from A lab and Wu Han, he was mocked. The best evidence suggests that the kind of bat from which this virus jump to humans wasn't even present there. But you know the worst of all, whether it came from the lab all came from the bat. So keep it all came from China because we don't know where the novel coronavirus came from. Yet the conspiracy theories filled a void. I'm telling you, the child comes to trying to weaponize this thing. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh with zero proof, suggesting a Chinese bioweapons lab is to blame this question about Wuhan lab. We know that it's been debunked. The same agencies now have been tapped with investigating one of Trump world's most favorite conspiracy theories. This week, Donald Trump is still pushing the debunked bunkum, despite his own intelligence community's findings that that is simply not true. And there are simply no reason to believe that that that is the case. There was no empirical evidence to verify that coming up with a conspiracy theory to try on and romantic xenophobia. With respect to the Chinese has justice, much factual support as taking Clorox. He can't just sit back. Let the doctors and the scientists do their jobs. He was hammered. Maurine this on the other side. Now you've heard it said that only two sure things.

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