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Mind. There's a big difference. It's a huge thing. If it were it would not be good still. But if it were three hundred thousand and then when you say, oh, it's five hundred thousand. Okay. Okay. This is a million million Scoville units. And by the way, also learned from our friend Jimmy at east coast wings and grill one of the owners of one of the locations. He also said that the rule of thumb for measuring sculpture units is one drop a water neutralizes, one Scovill measurement. So for example, green bell pepper, right? Belt. Beth nothing. It's one hundred skull units. Okay. And so you need a hundred drops of water to neutralize it. Water milk. Does a better job. He got into that as well. He said milk. Not a good idea. Oh, a lot of misinformation we love. I see people in I see some YouTube videos people eating hot stuff, and they only drink. Yeah. I see it on TV what you wanna do. But for example, Habanero. You would need two hundred and fifty thousand drops of water to neutralize the heat. So we need a million drops of water to neutralize. However that how you measure that. I don't know how you measure Scovill unis said milk as I said is a Portuguese. Why he said it doesn't mix. Well, the acid in it doesn't mix well with the peppers and milk doesn't mix. Well with my belly in general. So. Choose if you want to do it. I would've still do because I've had before milk seemed to help me you can have we'll have milk and water and stuff. I still in on the bet I'm still on the bed. I just disappointed now. I was disappointed. I'd had more time because he sent me an Email. I was like, okay. Think about it. I can't even I can't really even process. I can't either there's American Chemical Society. What set says milk helps break the bonds the Bosnia forms from the nerve receptors of why? I think you saying when it gets in your stomach it can make me feel. Does Rancho because like I said there's got to be read whatever you want. I'm still in even though it's nearly four times what we thought it was the heat level for this Super Bowl bet. Sanity wing one million Scoville units. How about a bite as opposed to the whole thing? Well, how do you measure a bite? I think you just eat the wing. Do you take a big by the wing shoot about? We're not going to say, oh, you don't get this piece of meat. He's going to be on the outside. Make us her Matt I'm still in hugs. I'm in I'm in Jason Goodman. Nope. Not doing it. Come on. You just change the whole thing. I had set my process everything for three hundred thousand and now it's a million times. There's no way your taste buds can tell the difference in the skull. Right. Wall. But my pain. Well, yeah, it is a little hotter. A lot hotter. Ibm IBS. I'm gonna have to bring Vassil Lena my land for my. Know what to do to prepare some girl sent me on Facebook. She's like terrified that I'm doing this. And she has sent me paragraphs in paragraphs of stuff. She saying I should go to the doctor and get this acid cocktail they can pay up for me. So I could take it before. And after Saddam that's my stomach got permanently. Well. Right. We know that. Do whatever you need to do as long as you do the bat. It's kind of hard for us to do the bat in your the patriots fan. We're not. We're not Rams fans. We just took the other team. I'll do it. Because.

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