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To eight it was palani goes first home run as a tiger an to run walk off after go had been traded from philly to detroit just two weeks earlier so crazy game for the tigers on father's day two thousand and five and they won it with placebo. Polanco walk off home. Run for the twins. One thousand nine hundred ninety one they won in extra innings on father's day for their fifteenth straight victory that year it was a four two two victory after a two run top of the tenth inning their fifteenth straight win which is the longest in club history anchored the twenty one in two run. They went on over the course of twenty three games to take them from fifth place in the division two first place in the division and in prime position for their second world series in just five years so fifteen straight wins with an extra handing victory in nineteen ninety-one for the minnesota twins for the white sox carlos lead drove in seven runs on father's day back in two thousand and two he had two home runs and a ten to seven victory over the chicago cubs a grand slam off a kerry would go ahead home run against carlos zambrano in the fifth and ultimately a fantastic day there for the white sox carlos lee back in two thousand and two and the american league west we had jared weaver in two thousand sixteen three hit shutout against the oakland a.'s. And a to nothing victory. All three hits were singles and man a complete game shutout. It was a throwback performance for a guy who was top five in the al cy young three times and had a no hitter back in twenty twelve so he turned the clock back for that complete game. Shutout there in two thousand sixteen for the astros. Don wilson threw his first no hitter and astro dome history and a two to nothing victory over the braves in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. He was twenty two years twenty two years old. At the time he struck out five of the final six batters he faced including hank aaron to finish off the game and finished with fifteen strikeouts overall. He threw one hundred and forty three pitches in the no just three days after throwing one hundred and fifty five in the start prior so now the pitch count of one hundred. Neither of these guys are neither of those starts would have gone that deep but back in the day. They let those guys run for the athletics. You had let's see mark can show an out in the six five comeback victory. It was his first game back after his daughter had been born five months prior he hit a two run home run. And a game tying rbi single in the ninth and then he had an impressive running catch against the wall in left field. That was just a five percent catch probability per statcast and ultimately led them to the victory and extra innings so a new father had himself a heck of a day for the mariners. Kathy junior back in one thousand nine hundred ninety three two home run. It's of course junior and senior played together not at this point in ninety three but Junior was only twenty three at the time in his fifth season and had himself to homerun day on father's day ninety three josh hamilton. For the rangers back in two thousand ten had himself a walk off hit against the. Let's see here. The astros for the rangers put the rangers ahead. They completed a three-game sweep a houston. It was the rangers eighth win in a row they ultimately ended up winning eleven straight at that point. But just a heck of a memory there for josh hamilton. For the national league hank aaron in nineteen fifty nine. He hit three home runs on father's day and a game. The only did it once and it was on father's day and fifty nine and a thirteen to three victory over san francisco. Man just touted hank. Aaron only do that one time and it just happened to come on father's day mike. Low for the marlins back in two thousand and three. It was their championship season. They started in nineteen and twenty nine but ultimately started to get hot ended. June and mike low had himself a big game. Couple of home runs three for four double a walk to kind of continue their june hot hot season for the mets in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. They swept themselves a doubleheader. The mets obviously remember the year eighty six. but on father's day they swept the pirates. you had babo. Hey throw himself a complete game keith. Hernandez said a nice offensive day and ultimately it was a seven out. Save for roger mcdowell as the mets had a nice day for the nationals. Matt adams hit two home runs after playing catch with his dad earlier before the game on father's day and twenty nineteen. He had seven. Rbi's is to power the nets to a fifteen two five victory and it was excellent to do it in front of his debt for the philadelphia. Phillies jim bunning through a perfecto. Back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. The first and only perfect game on fathers day. He blanked the mets at shea. Stadium in the middle of the phillies infamous. Sixty four campaign where they blew a six and a half lead with twelve games to play. It was the first perfect game in the national league. Since eighteen eighty the first. Baseball regular season since charlie robinson in one thousand nine hundred twenty two so buntings perfect game remains one of the most memorable moments in phillies history. And this happened back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four for the national league. Central the brewers. Let's see jimmy. Nelson's ten strikeout performance against the padres. But the drama goes to greg vaughn. Who had himself. He hit a walk off. Grand slam for the brewers in nineteen ninety. One on father's that the saint louis cardinals had a historic comeback. All the way back in one thousand nine hundred fifty to the cardinals were down eleven to nothing in the third inning and came back to win the game later by a score of fourteen. To twelve the eleven. Nothing rally said a national league record which wasn't tied again until nineteen ninety four so this comeback stood for forty two years as the biggest comeback and happened on father's day all the way back in nineteen fifty two the chicago cubs bill. Matlock had himself a vintage performance. Nineteen five. He went four for four with three rb a four to three victory over cincinnati. Matlock finished the year batting three fifty four to win the batting title that year. So it was a nice day for the cubs back in seventy five the pittsburgh pirates willie stargell. The man became known as pops start on father's day in one thousand nine hundred seventy one..

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